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I know this isn't K-pop related but I had to get this off my chest too. This recently became a topic between friends and I and my parents. I don't want anyone feeling sorry. I'm not looking for attention. I just want this to be out there because I'm always judged.
I used to be a happy girl who would always smile and play around with my brothers. I always loved playing with friends, but that changed...When I was 4 I was traumatized. What happened was my parents would send me to this home with a lot of kids whenever they went out bcuz my brothers weren't old enough to watch me. So one time the father there bought donuts and we all took one when we were told by someone we could and apparently we weren't allowed to. The father found out and grabbed all the kids who took one and hit them with the board. I was standing next to the mother and she said to me "That should be you there too" after that I asked to use the phone awhile later. So I called my older brother Eric and asked him to come get me. I was crying and terrified. He asked me what happened and I told him. He said to me "I'm coming to get you" in a stern and angry voice. He just took me out of there taking me home. I told my parents and they never sent me back. I think I slept in my brothers for awhile bcuz I was scared. I didn't want leave his side. My mom called the people who had recommended that person and told them what happened. They never recommended her to anyone else again. I was never even sent there again. At this moment while I'm making this card, I'm staying overnight at my friends house. This is the first time in 12 maybe 13 years that I've stayed overnight at someone's house. I can't sleep because I'm scared of something happening. My friends knows about what happened to me, but I'm still scared. I have never been the same and I never will be.
I'm sorry that you had to experience such an event,but know that many people on here are not here to judge you. There are many know here that will be willing to listen to you vent rant or just need to say what you need to say.
I understand you completely I went through something similar while I was in foster care when I was younger, just know,me and many other people are there for you chickadee