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Alrighty I was ready to write with this one so I'm updating fast today. Now . are almost caught up to our time in the story yay!!! Also If you missed the last chapter by @SweetDuella click here. And for the first chapter of this lovely story click here. Now onto some mature content. so the first block has smut, you can skip if you want.
Sarah pulled Kookie into her room. Once they got in the room she pushed him lightly so he sat on the bed and then she turned around to shut the door. "So I have something I wanted to show you." Sarah said fiddling with her hands. She had never done this before and hoped he would like it. "Babe." He said and got up and stood in front of her. He took her hands in his and pulled them to his lips and he kissed them. "You don’t have to be nervous with me." But in her head she was very nervous. But what she did was something she thought she wouldn’t have done. She smirked and pushed him back on the bed. "I hope you like what gift I got you." she quickly went to her stereo and turned on a song. Kookie just kept his eyes on her. She got in front of him and kissed his lips quickly and took a few steps back. She lifted up her shirt just showing a bit of skin. In one swift move she pulled her shirt off and was left in her pants and a pink lacy bra that was partically see threw. His mouth opened and his eyes got bigger. Then Sarah slipped her pants off revealing matching underwear. Kookie gulped. He hadn't seen that much of Sarah and he was blown away. He wanted to touch her skin, but he stayed sitting. He was afraid of what he would do if he got up. "Kookie, what do you think?" She said to him and he blinked realizing she was so close to him. "Um…. I like it…very much." his face started getting hot. "Well there is more to this gift." She smirked and straddled his lap. He didn't think after that and placed his hands on her exposed skin and pulled her close to him. He wanted her badly now and no one was going to stop him, unless it was her. He quickly got up and threw her on the bed climbing on top of her. He started kissing her exposed skin. He started on her neck and worked his way down. He stopped right above her breast and kissed the skin that wasn’t covered by the bra. He moved his finger under the bra to get a touch of those amazing breast. Him doing this caused Sarah to let out a moan, which made him go crazy. He continued down to right above her underwear. He looked up at her still kissing the skin and she was looking at him, with so much lust. He smiled and was about to move her underwear when she stopped him. "What's wrong babe?" he asked "Take your shirt off." She stated and for some reason he liked her telling him what to do. He did as she asked. "Anything else?" he smirked "The pants…lose them." once again he quickly obliged. As he was taking his pants off Sarah was resting on her elbows. She loved the view of his body and was ready to finally explore it fully. He started climbing back on her and she quickly got him to lay back down on the bed, with her ontop of him once again. She smirked and kissed her way down to his boxers and quickly slipped them off. Before Kookie had a chance to say anything she took him in her mouth. She worked her magic on him and everytime he figited she would do the same thing again. When he moaned her name she just got more bothered. She took her mouth off of his member and moved up to his lips. When they kissed he sucked a bit on her bottom lip. "Kookie" She moaned out. He quickly used his hands and got her bra off. Then flipped her over so he could look at her. She started to blush and tried to cover her chest but he grabbed her hands and pinned them above her head as he took one of her nipples into his mouth. His tounge moving along her skin and him lightly biting was making her fidget. "God damn it Kookie Fuck me already." When that flew out of her mouth she instantly tried to apologize. "I'm sorry that was…." "Shut up that was hot!" he said and there lips connected again, while his hand went into her underwear. He worked his magic with his fingers causing Sarah to get even wetter. He was smiling into her kisses. He finally pulled his fingers out and took her underwear off. He was about to enter her when she stopped him. "Condom…. Quickly." she was too worked up but was glad she remembered the condom before it was too late. She quickly grabbed one out of her nightstand. "You were prepared." He smirked quickly putting it on with her help. "Yes, I knew what was going to happen tonight." She smirked as he positioned himself. "You ready?" He asked. She loved that he still asked. She nodded and then he slipped in. He went slowly to make sure he wasn't hurting her. He gave her time to adjust to his size before he started moving faster. They were both thankful for the music. If there wasn't any music the others in the living room would have for sure heard them. They were enjoying themselves so much, that it ended all too quickly. Kookie collapsed onto Sarah as they both were trying to catch there breaths and Sarah was tracing shapes on his back. He was still insider her, and when he was calmed enough he pulled out. He took the condom off and put his boxers back on. Sarah sat up. "That was not your first time." Sarah stated "Why do you say that?" He asked smiling at her as she started to get her underwear on. "You knew what you were doing." "That's the great thing about Porn, you can learn anything from watching it enough." "Oh so you watch porn? How often?" Sarah asked as she slipped her bra back on. "A lot, you got me going crazy and I had to do something to relieve the pressure that built up." "I'm sorry." she smiled "I hope you wont need to watch Porn that often now that you can have me whenever." He walked over to her and pulled her close. "Whenever huh?" "Yup Whenever." He leaned down and took her lips with his. Sarah thought she heard a knock but didn’t care, until her door flew open. Kookie Yelped. "What the hell!" I screamed as Jenni slammed the door shut. "What are they doing, open the door Jenni." We heard and quickly started grabbing clothes to cover ourselves up. "No, we'll leave them until they come out, DECENT!" I heard jenni say and I started laughing. As they were getting dressed they heard another yell. "You defiled my beautiful baby boy!" "Oh crap Mama Jin is going to kill me when we go out there." Sarah said laughing "Don't worry about him, he can't do anything to you. It wasn't like you raped me." Kookie said opening the door and Sarah walked out with Kookie following behind. "What did I miss?" Sarah said walking into the room. "Why are you three on the floor? There is room on the couch." Sarah added. "No we are done with that couch." Jhope said "So I heard correctly, You guys did it on the couch…. Oh my god Jenni you didn’t do it on my blanket did you?" Sarah's mouth was wide open as Jenni started to smile. "Oh that tiger blanket we did it on was Sarah’s? Namjoon asked "Oh my god. I will be right back." Sarah went over to the couch that still had her blanket on it and grabbed it and walked out of the apartment. Tae followed her. "Oh she is being dramatic, she can wash it." Jenni said turning back to the game. Sarah walked over to the dumbster and threw the blanket it. "Jenni you are so going to pay for making me throw away my tiger blanket." She said and turned around. "You and Kookie going to have sex on her blanket?" Tae asked with a smile "That would be payback wouldn’t it?" "Yea…So how was he?" Tae asked and Sarah’s eyebrows raised and she laughed through her nose. "um." "Come on I'm both of yours best friend, ill hear from him later about how you were too. And the fact that we didn’t even hear you guys was a shock." "He was amazing. I thought he was going to be awkward and not know what to do, but man he knew exactly what to do." Sarah bit her lip rethinking about what they did. "Well I'm glad you enjoyed it." Tae said and pulled her arm towards the apartment.
The guys all ended up staying at the girls place. The girls only got a couple hours of sleep before they had to go to work. They left the guys sleeping at their house. The girls got to the studio and got situated for the morning. "Good morning lovely listeners. How was everyone's night?" Sarah asked into the mic. "Well Diamond, I know we all had a great time last night, You might have had more fun than the rest of us." "Ruby shush your mouth." Sarah said laughing "Guys, its official the sexually frustrated Diamond finally had sex." "RUBY!!!!" Jenni just laughed at Sarah "Come on its not like you just picked some random guy. IT was your boyfriend." "Well if we are putting peoples sex lives out there Ruby had sex last week with her boyfriend and she scarred me and my boyfriend for a good while." "Hey! You shut your face I was scarred by you and your boyfriend last night." Jenni said giving sarah a look. "Ok we are even, now off to some music." Sarah quickly hit play on a song. "So we need to discuss new rules for the apartment." Jenni said while they waited for the song to end. "I agree. No more just walking in rooms. Knock and announce you are coming in the room." Sarah said laughing "I was thinking the same thing. WE don’t need to kept walking in on each other." Jenni said as the song ended. "Wasn’t that a lovely song?" Jenni said into the mic. "Oh it was Ruby. Oh my gosh you want to know what I forgot about?" "What's that Diamond." "I'm a bad Army. I forgot that sept 7th BTS is releasing their 2nd Japanese Album Youth. " "Oh no! You know Kookie might be listening and he probably doesn’t love you anymore." Jenni said laughing "Oh my god he hates me now. Oh my gosh no my bias can never hate me!!" "He might… we may never know." "Well unless he isn't listening." Sarah laughed. "True…he ….might be sleeping…." Jenni winked at Sarah "Ok let's take some callers to pretend this never happened." Sarah said into the mic as Jenni answered the first line. "Hello you are on with Ruby and Diamond. Who are we speaking with?" Jenni asked "Hi my name is Terri and I have a question for Diamond." "Oh really for me? Ok go ahead." "Are you dating Jungkook?" "What?" "Well you called him baby yesterday, and said you loved him and then he even called in and said it to you." "He didn't just say he loved me, He said he loves his fans too. I'm sure he didn’t really mean it towards me." Sarah was looking at Jenni in horror, had she said something she shouldn’t have. "Well you love him right?" "Well of course she loves him, He is her bias heck her ultimate bias if she didn’t love him there would be something wrong." Jenni slipped in "True. I just thought it was weird. Especially the baby comment." "Well, that was a slip of the tongue, when we are at home talking Diamond always calls Kookie her baby as well as Tae and Yoongi. She has little crushes on them. I call all the guys my babies because they are younger than us as well." Jenni quickly replied "Oh. " "Yea, so don't read too much into it." Jenni said ending that topic. "Is there anything else you want to say?" Jenni didn’t want this Terri girl on the phone anymore. "Yea, I am sorry for being this way. I just don’t want to see my fave group members with others." "Terri, I hate to be a bitch this early but they are human and can date whoever they want, so when they do start to date you should just support them." Sarah finally said after pulling herself together. "I know. I hope you guys have a great day, bye." She said and hung up. "Alright guys we are going to play a few songs and then come back to take a few calls." Jenni said and quickly played a song. "Jenni did I really call him baby?" "Yea but come on you were so excited because it was his birthday." "But I should not have slipped. Saying I love you was easy to cover up but….im so glad you came up with that answer for why I called him baby." "Yea no problem girlie." Jenni said as the song ended and they took a few more calls and then went home. Sarah was still worrying about what had happened and when they got home thankfully all the guys were still sleeping. Jenni went to her room to go back to sleep and Sarah went to be with Kookie. When she walked in the room she laid next to him and moved some hair out of his face so she could get a better look. "I do love you a lot, I'm surprised Jenni wasn’t the one to slip up and it was me." Sarah whispered. Kookie grabbed her hand. "What happened?" He asked turning to look at her. "Oh yesterday I messed up and someone called me out on it." "Tigress." "Um…What?" "Oh that is your new nickname my Tigress princess?" "I like it. But anyways…I'm tired lets go back to sleep." She said as she cuddled up to Kookie. Meanwhile…. "Joonie….I know Sarah. She's going to be over thinking this." Jenni had woken Namjoon up when she walked into her room. "She's a big girl and will handle it." "Joonie, I need to get her out of her head. Like now." "Jenni lets rest and we will see how Sarah is before the next show ok?" "Ok Fine, But I am telling you she is going to act like everything is fine." "What if everything is fine?" "Ugh…. I'm too tired to argue." Jenni covered herself with the blanket and Namjoon put his arm around her. Everyone woke up around 11 and ate and left. Sarah and Jenni made their way back to the studio for the last show of the week. "Good afternoon lovely listeners this is Diamond and Ruby and we are starting this broadcast off with some songs that we want you all to listen to, they are amazing. The first song is called 'I really like you' by 10cm." "I am so into this song. It's crazy how much I like it." Jenni said "Ha I know I have been listening to it a lot because of you. And the second song is, Of course from Baekhyun's new drama, since I am loving his song that he did with Chen and Xuimin, 'For You' is the song and I've had it on repeat since I've watched the drama." "Ha yes that is an amazing song and drama." "Yea I still don’t get why people are giving Baekie a hard time. His acting was amazing and I love watching him in it. Although I am all for the 4th prince….and heck that 8th prince…he is soooo..... I loved him in heirs." "Ha see I don’t care for the 8th prince that much. I see cheating happening." "Ha right! I hope to god there is a plot twist where like the 8th princes wife dies so that there is no cheating." "DIAMOND! " "What she's not a real person." "It's based off of real people. "Well then it can't mess with history so if she dies it was already put in stone." "Oh my gosh we really got off topic here. Before we go any further we are going to play the two songs we recommend and we will be back." Jenni pressed play for the songs.
"Alright we can't forget what today is!" Jenni said happily into the mic "It's Friday!" Sarah said with a smile "Yes but we get to see what our listeners have suggested for us to do this weekend." "Oh yea. Hold on let me grab the laptop." Sarah stood up and went to the other side of the room and grabbed the computer and sat back down and while the webpage loaded Jenni had a question. "Diamond, can you tell me what I do in my normal life outside of work that would be considered leadership?" "Ok that is super easy for me to answer." Sarah said clicking on a few links. "What is it then?" "You lead your life." Sarah said with a smile that she closed her eyes because her smile hit that high. "Diamond!" "What you got to admit that is an amazing answer." Sarah continued to laugh "Your right it was." Jenni joined in laughing " Ok while we wait for the computer to load we will play a song." Jenni hit a button as sarah was looking over the comments. "Dude there are a lot of things." Sarah said scrolling through a few. She paused when there were some other comments. There were a lot of hurtful things being said about what Sarah had said the other day and many thought it was inappropriate. Sarah felt like crying. She messed up royally and now she had to figure out a way to get out of this mess. "Alright we are back on the air, so Diamond what are some of the comments?" Jenni said looking at sarah. "Oh well the one that I saw a lot of comments saying they think we'd have fun, was taking a dance class, same with art class, and this one is weird…" Sarah trailed off "What is it?" "Go to a goat café." sarah said with a serious face. Jenni bust up laughing "What? Is that for real?" "Yup that’s on here." "Well we will go with the first one which was what the dance class? And if we have time well go to a goat café." Jenni said "And now well listen to some more music and a few commercials, then well be back to finish this afternoon off." Sarah said pushing the button and turned the computer off. "Dance classes will be fun." Jenni said "Yea….now we just got to find a dance class over the weekend." "Oh I already know of a place." "Really?" "Yup," the girls discussed what they were going to do and then they finished the show up and they started walking out of the studio. "Good job ladies." Julia said "Thanks" They both said "Sarah Boss Man wants to talk to you." Julia said and sarah nodded and turned to Jenni. "I'll meet you at home." And off she went to talk to Boss Man. "Is everything ok?" Jenni asked Julia "I think so, he just needed to talk to her about this morning." "Oh ok. Then I'll be heading back home see you on Monday." Jenni said and left. Meanwhile……. "Sarah I know you saw the comments." boss man said to her "Yea." "Are you really dating Jungkook from BTS?" "Why does that matter?" "Sarah, I just wanted to say that if you are dating him, you need to tone down the talk about him, his fans are upset and who knows what they are going to do." "Ok I will not talk about him or the guys, I don’t want anything to happen to me or them or even the station." "Sarah I'm not saying you have to end your relationship with him…..if you are dating….but keep it on the DL. For the safety of both of you involved." "Thanks boss man." "Another thing, please don’t worry about the comments. They just assume what they want. Don’t give them anything else to fuel the fire." "Ok, Is there anything else?" "No that's it, well if you need to talk you can always come to your APPA I want to help you in any way I can" "Thank you Appa, I'll see you on Monday." she said and left. Man she was mad at herself for causing so much trouble. What was she going to tell Jenni she talked to with boss man. She couldn’t tell her about it. She never wanted Jenni to see the comments she saw. Hopefully boss man kept this a secret.
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The smut was......interesting, feel bad for Sarah though, I wonder what will happen now with her and Kooki. Terri seemed angry and then when Sarah told her off that seemed to make the situation worse
So Kookie never did answer her question really.....and Tae cracked me up. I'm sure the others will be asking Kookie questions too....especially the ones that haven't...okay I'm done.
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Haha your right he did