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On September 19th, a North Korean tourist resort will host family reunions for those divided by the DMZ. Many families were separated at the end of the 1950-53 Korean war by the dividing of the peninsula. The CPRK (Committee For the Peaceful Reunification of Korea) stated "The Kaesong Industrial Zone and the tours to Mt Kumgang resort are valuable works common to the nation which should not be delayed as they are symbols of reconciliation, unity, reunification, and prosperity."
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O wow this is great! I can only imagine how the families will feel! I hope we can see more of this. Thanks for sharing @curtisb
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@serbshavemofun whats the story behind your username
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@curtisb I'm from Bosnia but am a Serbian and a friend suggested it some years back haha
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Is it true?
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@heisenberg, @serbshavemofun, I recommend reading Camp 14. Also if you have Netflix, watch national geographic Inside North Korea and Camp 14. it will open your eyes to what's going on inside North Korea.
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