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The University of Maryland-Eastern Shore is spending a ton of money to install multipurpose whiteboards. They can both stop bullets and be used in the same way as a conventional board. The company that supplies them also makes bulletproof door shields, clipboards, and inserts for children's backpacks. This sounds totally ridiculous if you ask me. For one, the utility of such a whiteboard in a combat situation seems to be really debatable. How would you move the board to stop bullets? Also, is this worth the cost? You tell me.
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I guess they have to keep jumping up and down...
4 years ago·Reply
Or maybe wear shin guards?
4 years ago·Reply
Bulletproof shin guards
4 years ago·Reply
Does the bulletproofness somehow make it last longer and easier to erase? No leftover marks?
4 years ago·Reply
Haha @johnlee probably not
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