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Toward the end of day 3 SHINee World V concert. Onew fell durning a spin and had to go back stage. They did Savoir with out him. He got it taped and finished out the show with minimal dancing and they skipped the teaser dance for the comback song. He is headed to the hospital now. SM says its just a sprain but I'll update if its something else!
Take it easy ToFu and Please dont be upset. I know it was disappointing for him that he couldn't finish. WE LOVE YOU ONEW! #GetWellSoonOnew
update, Onew posted on IG saying he's okay. <3 Ill watch for SMs statement
Onew Condition was gentle thankfully ㅋㅋ
I hope he recovers quickly. @JaxomB that was probably the case lol
Omgeee i was soooooooooo worried i am glad onew oppa is doing btr ❤❤❤ love u onew oppa please take care of urself
Idols getting hurt left and right...
Glad he's better 😚
Poor Jinki!!!!!!
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