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Seungyoun . . . I'd probably pick back. . . I'm not exactly a pushover. . . we might become frenenemies xD
Yibo! How could you? JK. . . though you do look a bit guilty, honestly I wouldn't care if I got in trouble so long as ot wasn't anything serious.
Wenhan, would definitely receive gum from me!. . . . If I was one to carry it around. . .lol
Yixuan (BIAS). . . Okay so I let pretty much anyone copy my homework so long as I know I get something out of it, and well, technically I'm getting talking out of it so. . . I would just continue to let him. Minus when I'm irritable or it's a huge project.
I'd probably let Sungjoo know what he miss after he woke up and tell him to get his act together. . . and probably repeat the process until I gave up.
Sungjoo, so honestly . . . I'm a goody-two-shoes when it comes to class and work. . . so I most likely would (as my friends put it) "mom" him and tell him to stop skipping class and do his work. Yes. . . I am that person.
Wenhan is just cute! And I think we'd get along great. . . although I think I'd get along with almost anyone.
Okay, yes! This is the best because Yixuan is my bias in the group and I actually (even as a junior) am not allowed to walk home by myself (or anywhere relatively close) because of my neighbourhood, so it's a win for me!
Love letters in my locker? This is so sweet!!! I just may have fainted if I actually got any! lol . . . the only thing is. . . I actually don't have a locker at my school. . . unless you count my art one which is wide open because of all of the art works.
Okay so obviously I would say yes, I mean how could you say no to him! They're all (as in all of UNIQ) are so adorable!!!
Sooo. . . I haven't posted in a while and I am terribly sorry. . . I've been playing catch up on what I've missed. I missed a lot of this stuff because for about 4 months my phone had been broken because it turned off one day and wouldn't turn on. So that was fun, but anyways sorry for my lack of participation! And now that that blurb is over with main card is here. And @MadAndrea thank you for posting!
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loved it! Glad you posted results 😄 also Sungjoo is such a slacker. Skips and then when he is in class, he sleeps...smh...