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Here's chapter one: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~> Chapter 6 (Suga) "I don't wanna be mean but was it necessary to bring the foreigner with us we don't know them that well yet" I said looking at Jin. Jin looks at me also Rap-Mon. "Suga it's been a long time just let it go already" Rap-mom said. I will never let it go that's one reason I don't trust people no more. ~Flashback~ -raining- "Min Yoon Gi run!!" Shin shouted. I keep running but didn't saw shin follow me, he's my dads friend child I had been knowing him for a while. "Shin!!!, Shin!!!!" I shouted while still running, I stop to catch my breath. "Min Yoon Gi I said to run, why you STOP!!" Shin said in a angry tone. "Why are you yelling at me" I said catching my breath. I saw shin getting closer and on his right hand he had a knife. "Shin, why do you have a knife" i said. "This baby is for you" shin said while pointing at me. "Shin calm down, how could you do this to a friend" I said scared. *laugher* "friend? Oh no Min Yoon Gi. you are dum. you see I was never a "friend" more like a enemy trying to act friendly so one day I could send you to heaven" shin said giving me 3 punches in the face unexpected and one on the stomach. Why is he doing this to me. "I always trusted you shin how could you betrayed me like this, this doesn't make sense" I said wanting to let out some tears. "you have jokes Min Yoon Gi acting as a friend to you was easy you trust people to soon but you always get stab by the heart real quick, well bye Min Yoon Gi sweet dreams" shin said while raising the knife to stab me. I move and tackle him my heart felt pain but then soon it became angered throwing him punches but he keep dogging some I keep dogging his knife but he bet me and left a scar. "Don't get distracted Min Yoon Gi" shin said whit a laughter. We still keep going the rain became much stronger an I heard thunder too. "Nice move Min Yoon Gi but you fail, I won" shin said in a whisper while holding me. Shin what have you done I felt to the ground the pain I can feel. "Shin!!!!, Shin!!!! I will never forgive you...." I said then everything went black. ~end off flash back~ "How could I Rap-Mon your not the one living with a scar to remember the horrible accident" I said almost shouting. "Your right Suga I don't know, but I was their" Rap-mon said. "You guys just shhh.. Don't ruin the trip and Rap-mon give a hug to Suga" Jin said. "I don't do hugs Jin but I will say this, I'm sorry Suga" Rap-Mon said with a smile. " I'll forgive you this time, I'm still grateful you where their at the moment" I said. "Is everyone ready, we still need to go for Jung, Wu and Jun" J-Hope said. Jin said yeah and everyone left the room I stay behind and look at my scar still being scare to show it. " Suga hurry up its just you" V said helping me with a bag. "Mini vacation here we come" Jimin said. Jin drove to the dorms. (Melanie P.O.V) ~text message~ Me: are you ready Aaliyah Aaliyah: since last week Me: I'm ready also Jungkook he's sleeping so cute Aaliyah: do you like him Me: well he is cute but not sure if I do yet I burly have a week knowing him Aaliyah: I been reading about him, I'm not a creep but his personality is cute at points it reminds me of you but the only problem is that he likes older woman. ~end of conversation cause of a call~ "Hello" I said. "Min Jun, why is Jungkook not a swearing his calls" V said. " he's sleeping and how did you get my number" I said. "Min Jun draw on Jungkook and wake him up" said Suga in the background. "We are almost their so get ready, Jin saw your number in the application" V said. "Tell Suga that I'll wake him up, not draw on him" I said. ~end of phone call~ I can't believe I know BTS members voice. Giggles. I got up and slowly went to Jungkook side but I slip making a good loud noise Jungkook is a good sleeper he dint move. I got up and went to his side bed. He's so cute just sleeping, I move him nothing happen. "Jungkook wake up" I said. This guy I was getting close to him to hear if he was still breathing but he woke up, our eyes made eye contact I got Spooked and stand up to fast that I almost fell but Jungkook pull my shirt. "Thanks" I said. " no problem, what where you doing so close to my face" Jungkook said in a sleep voice. I feel heat in my checks. "I wanted to know if you where still alive since I made a lot of noise and you didn't even move" I said. I jump by the sound of the door open "Are you guys ready" V said. V looks at me and them at Jungkook, I hope he doesn't notice my checks. "Min Jun why are you just standing their" V said. Before I can even respond the rest of the guys came but where's Jimin and Suga. (Aaliyah P.O.V) I'm looking out of the window and the guys are here. "Why a bag?,are you moving out" Kim Ji Sung said. I can't never face him I'm a week person but Geon Wu is not. "Nope I'm going on a weekend vacation with friends" I said while looking at him. He keeps staring at me do I have a booger or something on my face. "Why are you looking at me like that Kim, do I have something on my face" I said . "Yes you do, you have a cute face" Kim said. Kim stands up and walks towards me and starts to act weird I felt uncomfortable but at the same time I don't wanna kill the guy . "Kim what are you doing, some personal space please" I said. I heard voices in the hallways must be the guys, my face is hot. "Why are you blushing, I know your not the person you think you are" Kim said whispering at my ear. He knows my gender, oh hell na..i grab his arm pull it back and tackle him making a big noise and yelling at Kim, seeing a door open. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~> I hope you like my chapter 6 see u next week for chapter 7. @mariamontoya1
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Good job but there are a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes this week that make the chapter difficult to read.