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Original card by @MadAndrea
Im just tryna live my life Yixuan, let me live lol
But I'm an innocent bystander! Darn you Yibo (&friend)
Youre gonna get me in trouble and then ask for gum? If you weren't so cute, I'd... nvm lol But OK you dont need an excuse to talk to me I SEE YOU I GOTCHU
I mean I probably wont have the right answers but *pfff* sure lol
Das OK tbh it gives me more time stare at your beautiful face lol #NoShame
Bad Boy *tsk tsk tsk* You need yo edu-ma-cation lmao
So he's been picking on me since kindergarten?? He must really dislike me??
Yass my bias You's a sweetiepie lol
OH SNAP I got secret admirer
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