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So, BigHit entertainment just released a short film entitled wings today... I watched it and I love it, but why??? Why did they release a random short film of Kookie and it just seemed dark, but what is it for? Obviously there is going to be more than one because it's the "beginning" and number 1. So what does Bighit and BTS have planned? Is this related to their comeback that just seems to be getting closer and closer? Or is it separate? Let me know in the comments.
BigHit has confirmed that this is going to be their 2nd full length album!!!! 馃槏
I feel like it is about getting older and gaining more freedom. Didn't they say their next comeback would be more mature? Maybe it is talking about the life of being a young male and the struggles they go through? I'm not sure. 馃槀 But the short film was kind of scary.
I gave up on this stuff, even sherlock could be stumped by this.
it's most likely related to a comeback. people are saying a second full album
if they made a horror film i would watch the shit out of it
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