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I miss you @BBxGD... Keep fighting! We are all here praying for you to make it through.

There was once a girl who was in her own little world. She was loved by those around her. She was kind at heart and bold when she need to be. Her days were filled with laughter and love. Then one day a darkness came over her world and choked out her happiness. Draining away the goodness that was left in her. It left her broken and beat, to tired to face the world she now lived in. Until one day she came across a group of travelers, who had crossed over into the world where she now hid in fear. They healed her wounds and helped her stand on her own again. Her once dark world became a little brighter again. She could see the light at the end of the tunnel. But the funny thing about darkness is, it doesn't give up. Seeing that the girl had a new hope in life it struck her in another way. A horrible sickness feel over the girl. The sickness that the darkness had caused, was too much for the travelers to heal on there own. But they still stayed by the girls side. They saw the girl grow weaker and weaker everyday. The sickness was rooted deep in her heart. The pain it caused her was unbearable. The girl wanted to give up, to end this pain that was caused by the darkness. The darkness had laughed at the sight of the travelers trying to help the girl. For darkness knew that once the girl had given up hope, it was all over. For the girls heart was the key to ending her sickness. One day the girl didn't wake up from her sleep. The travelers cried in agony at the girls side, begging her to wake up. They begged for her to remember the good times they had shared, and the promises they had made. They begged and pleaded hoping every word they were saying would be heard. The kind and loving words of the travelers had done something miraculous. For the sickness that had plagued the girls heart had lessened. Her heart began to fill with hope once more. That hope began to root deep within her and it started to choke out the darkness once and for all. With the darkness completely gone, the girl had learned to live without fear. Once more she was surrounded by those who loved her. She shared laughter and joy with the travelers, who she now considered her friends. Her world was complete again... ♡

Love you @BBxGD

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that was so beautiful and very touching 😢
great story @ShailaZaman 😢😢 @BBxGD the k monsta squad is always by your side fighting with you we love you 💙💙
Aww thats an cool story
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