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(Another Reader x Hoshi story) I sit in my room staring out the window as I watch the sun light up the beautiful blue sky all while a soft breeze blows through the trees. Just then I hear some knocks on my door and a voice I knew all to well. Y/N I got you something. "What is it Oppa?" close your eyes and no peaking. I close my eyes and wait for him to say I can open. Okay open your eyes. I open my eyes to see a beautiful black puppy. "Thank you so much he's so adorable". I thought you would like him. "I'll call you Shadow". "Hoshi let's go out". sure let me just get the leash and dog things...okay let's go. He grabs my hand as we leave out. Walking around the streets of Seoul we spot an ice cream stand. Two Vanilla plz. He hands us our ice cream Hoshi pays and we keep moving. "Let's go sit at the park". We sit on a bench at the park and eat out ice cream while the puppy eats some treats. Oh Y/N you got a little something right there. He gently wipes some ice cream from the corner of my lips and I blush hard. Haha your cute when you blush. He kisses my forehead then we finish our ice cream. We walk around a little more as the sun starts to set. Let's sit here and watch the sunset. "Sure..hold on Oppa". I spot a small ramen stand and decide to get us some ramen. After paying I walk back handing him the food then sitting down as shadow curls up in my lap. We eat and watch the sunset. Y/N do you wanna know something. "Sure what is it". The best part about this day is spending it with someone so beautiful like you. "Aww Oppa I feel the same way". I hug him then give him a soft kiss. "Saranghae Hoshi". I lay my head on his shoulder as my eyes slowly close ending this wonderful day. Done Done and Done I hope you all like it. Took me an hour to think of this but here it is anyway Annyeong Carats. ❤❤ @selfishmachines @RochelleRose @BBxGD @EmilyPeacock @VatcheeAfandi99 @BrennaHarding @evieevelyn @UKissMeKevin @TheEnlightenment @ChaErica @KpopandKimchi @Defy24601 @twistedpuppy @taetaebaozi @AimeeH @kpopandkimchi @Emealia @nnatalieg @Atomshair @ButterflyBlun@emilyanpham14 @EmmyMeowy @KokoroNoTakara @Zyxzy @Sunnawalo @xionheart @glo86 @kmeir230 @sosoaloraine23 @herreravanessa8 @TracyLynn @Starbell808 @Jiyongixoxo @sherrysahar @MorganElisabeth @Sehunarmy @Sharia @SugaOnTop @thePinkPrincess @VixenViVi @KpopGaby @staceyneroland @ashleykpop @lupemontserrat @otakukpopgitl @BtsIsLife @StephanieDuong @haniarocioo @VeePrudent @MyaIsNotSexy @Taehyungie @gtfoiris @kpopulair @baileykayleen @XergaB20 @sugajin94 @katiems @Rhia @tayunnie @Nadinerzz @MadAndrea @wooziswifeu @wereWoolf @deokmanz @MindyLee3 @panouvang123 @88kpoplove @ReynaWithLove @Kyokeo @Katherikookie @ChelseaJay @GauhuaYang @linzi0302 @xsandos17 @KaiTakashima @destiny1419 @ARMYStarlight @moonchild03 @APinchOfSuga @B1A4BTS5ever @kpop14young @AgentLeo @SugaOnTop @poojas @Baekyeol27 @sugakookie @tinaechle @Roxy1903 @Kpoplover20 @terenailyn @jenjenkhreim @KellyOConnor @DetkaN @KwonOfAKind @lovetopia @GauhuaYang @tayunnie @EXOAsf @amobigbang @luna1171 @OsoaVIPunnie @Tigerlily84 @PassTheSuga @PrettieeEmm @Exoexo @NancyVongvilay @unnieARMkeY @SimplyAwkward @SugaMint @BrennaHarding
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