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Our lips moved in sync, our eyes closed enjoying the feeling of each other's lips. His hand went behind my head and pushed me closer to deepen the kiss. It was getting kinda hard to breathe so I pulled away. "S-sorry y/n" -Yoongi I shook my head not saying anything cause I was embarrassed. We both looked away blushing madly. The long silence made us uncumfortable. Finally, young decided to speak up. "Sense it's Saturday, do you... I dont. umm hang out?" I looked at him. "Okay. where at?" - y/n |Yoongi's pov "Okay. where at?" I looked her. She was finally showing emotion! "Umm, how bout we go to the park! we can go get ice cream there, walk around and talk about each other?" - Yoongi She smiled and nodded her head. I smiled back at her. "Well then, go get ready I'll wait for you here." - Yoongi She got up from the chair and went upstairs. Am i... Falling for her? | Y/n's pov I went upstairs and to my room. Sense I was feeling happy, I grabbed a white tank top and a pink skirt. I grabbed my white vans and went to the mirror. I fixed my hair in a low ponytail and fixed my bangs. "I hope he'll like it.." I said happly. I put some lotion and perfume on and went downstairs. I saw Yoongi grabbing his sweater and putting it on. I went up to him. "Ready!" - y/n He turned around and looked down on me. (In this story you are short:3) "You look cute" - Yoongi
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