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Hi everyone, it's your Resident Jenissi. I am going to discuss an important matter.

《Idols are Humans too》

It has been brought to my attention that Kim TaeYang 《Jenissi》is being persecuted for being human over something that happened months ago. I am highly unhappy that something he did months ago and apologized for, is being brought back up. To the point to where he deleted his Twitter completely and deleted all but 2 photos from his instagram. Do we as people not have the right to learn from our mistakes or make mistakes even? Yes, yes we do. Any mistake we do or have done, enables us to grow.

What makes idols different?

They put on their pants one leg at a time like us. They are human, so they should be able to act like one. I get it I really do, they have an image to uphold. But if they aren't harming or causing dire stress to anyone, then why can't they live?
There's nothing more disheartening and heartbreaking to the point past tears, than one of your Ultimate biases being persecuted for something he did while drinking. {I get it, I really do. He was drunk, maybe he should have not used sms.} But, how many of us can sit here and say we never have done anything embarassing? Or how perfect we are with a squeaky clean background?

Not Alot. Why? Because we all make mistakes.

Jenissi curses, he is/was a smoker: he addressed this in his mixtape (Different subject but he receives hate too for this. . Not a happy camper) IS Jenissi the first rapper to Curse?

Absofrickenlutely Not.

IS he the first and only idol to smoke?

AbsofrickenLutely Not.

Why is Jenissi the one receiving hate then?

Here's the Article:

Stupid Media Site 1 & Here's the Video. . It clearly shows he messed up what looks to be the "Rock On" Gesture

These comments are distasteful:

1. [+101, -1] Nugus 2. [+74, -0] Topp Dogg's that group with a one year debut difference with EXO. I remember they media played using EXO because they had similar member numbers and kept trying to create a rivalry so they got a ton of hate. Well, I guess they're getting hate now for their bad character. 3. [+64, -4] My dad used to work out at the same gym as them and he said that they were super noisy and weren't there to work out but play ㅋㅋ 4. [+32, -1] He called his fans f*ckers....? And what's with that apology? He's the one who was swearing, what a psycho 5. [+29, -0] Topp Dogg is Cho PD's group, that's why ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 6. [+17, -1] Topp Dogg's had several scandals in the past too, what's wrong with them 7. [+13, -0] Cho PD should manage his kids more... 8. [+12, -0] Looks like the group is just trash, their members do drugs too (article of Kido being charged of drug use without detention) 9. [+10, -0] This group is definitely never going to get anywhere 10. [+6, -0] As expected of Cho PD's kids ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

♢ The Fact that Koreaboo had the nerve to bring this back up, is really pitiful. They need to quit being a nuisance and stirring up past events.

Jenissi is literally sunshine and Rainbows; despite what he did months ago.

☆☆ You can see in the video, he meant no harm.
So on Tumblr, instagram, and Twitter, Topp Klass are uploading photos of Jenissi and putting the caption of #weloveyoujenissi #staystrongjenissi to combat the hate he has received.

So many idols do this. So many make mistakes. But we should all realize that they are human too. Don't persecute them for being that.

I cannot express enough how much my heart hurts from this. Just don't bash them. They breathe the same way we do. This merely proves it.

Topp Klass Mod ~ @MrsJungHoseok

☆ Topp Klass Babies ☆

I don't understand haters. It you see or hear something you don't like, you usually just ignore it. You don't have to go on a hating spree to let people know you hate it. Idols deserve to be respected and given a chance to learn from their mistakes. We shouldn't hold over their heads for the rest of their lives.
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@MelissaGarza I agree completely. I just wish everyone else thought and felt like that.
It's disgusting how people can act like this and bash, leaving behind the fact that they are humans who feel and care about others, in this case the REAL fans. We get it idols have an image to maintain but that doesn't mean they can't make mistakes and apologize for them when they recognize what they did is wrong or clarify if it was misinterpreted. THEY ARE PEOPLE LIKE US
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@XergaB20 Always and forever!
and this is why I hate koreaboo
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I hate it. It's infuriating.
Who the fuck cares about what happened months ago?! People make mistakes and no one is perfect! I've been with Topp Dogg since day 1 and I love them all so much! I've been with them when they lost 3 members and through all the ups and downs. Jenissi the most adorable person ever and he truly is harmless. Everyone has a past that they may not be proud of, myself included, but he's bettered his life and is an amazing person and hella talented. He's doing what he loves so I really hope he won't lets the people who are saying shit bring him down. I'll definitely be posting on all 3 social media platforms this in hopes that it masks the hate. It's the least I can do for my poor baby
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@xoxorittie Yeasss!! Unfortunately, but we can combat the hate with love ♡ We as Topp Klass got this!!
Aww. I hate how people think idols should be perfect. This reminds me of how they bashed Taeyong and Bambam + Yugyeom. It upsets me. They are humans yet some 'fans' seem to think they aren't allowed to act like it. 😐😐
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@Baekyeol27 I'm sorry. XD Topp Dogg is my ultimate group. My Wifey and I are very protective, most definitely. Topp Dogg Protection Sqaud!! YEESSSS I'M IN!
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