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Ok obviously I don't just have one favorite character but I will just state one of them lol: -Its a female character with blue hair and blue eyes. She wears a military type of clothes and I suppose she is like the villain of the anime. She also uses ice power. She loves the main character but he doesn't love her back. In the end she gets killed by a black hair girl who uses a sword. **Hehe I think it's pretty obvious but idk since I'm the one who is describing it**

--Comment who u think it is and explain your favorite character --

**I will try my best to guess it**
Believe it 馃憤馃徏
Fire and guilds
Kiss Kiss Fall in Love!
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yes (it's actually quite obvious lol)
green haired swordmaster and a total badass.... he is sexy as hell
one piece???
This crazy rubber guy meets other crazy people and does crazy things
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