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Are You Able To Do It?
Ok obviously I don't just have one favorite character but I will just state one of them lol: -Its a female character with blue hair and blue eyes. She wears a military type of clothes and I suppose she is like the villain of the anime. She also uses ice power. She loves the main character but he doesn't love her back. In the end she gets killed by a black hair girl who uses a sword. **Hehe I think it's pretty obvious but idk since I'm the one who is describing it**

--Comment who u think it is and explain your favorite character --

**I will try my best to guess it**
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goofy yellow spikey headed kid who's strong as hell, an emo looking one, perverted white haired guy and an annoying pink haired girl.
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Yup lol
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I try to leave out any spoilers...it is has a guy with pink hair and get sick if on a train or anything what move witch isn't (name),he has a blue flying cat named (.....),a girl with blonde hair who wants a boyfriend and has a sidekick named (.... ),an dude with black hair strip a lot that all for him,a girl with red hair whom grew up with 1and 3 she loves cake ,a girl who has blue hair and a white flying cat ,that all right ?
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fairy tail
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@Animefoxgirl97 ghost hunt
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@snowgirl18 lol yup it's my fave
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crazy guy makes a thing and travels world lines.
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