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Is It Time For Part 2 of The Clan???

Recently, some pictures are going viral of Monsta X members dying their hair. Could it possibly be for Part 2 of The Clan?

If you see closely at the background you can see Minhyuk looking as a total different person in the hair salon.

Did you spot him??

Now, in that picture did you see that Wonho was also there in the background?

Hmm, well he uploaded a picture, which can be a throw back picture but not sure, of him with dark/black hair today. But for sure he did something to his hair since he was at the salon and other reasons that I might upload later on.


Now that we are talking about hair color why don't I just reveal this picture close up of Kihyun also in the salon dying his hair.
I'm not sure where this one was zoomed in from but yeah that happened.


But that's not all!!!

Is it me or did Jooheon's hair get a little darker, too?

Bingo~! His hair is now black! lol

I'm not sure if they are going to end up staying with these looks or if Part 2 is closer than we think. You never know they can surprise us tomorrow with a comeback. lol


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i am excited lol 👌😍❤❤❤
a year ago·Reply
I'm not going..... to make it
a year ago·Reply
This is one of those moments where I am literally on the couch, screaming "I'm not prepared!"
a year ago·Reply
Minhyukie. . . you've been wanting #1 for a while. . . is this all part of your sinister plan sir?!
a year ago·Reply
It's a throwback picture from Wonho.
a year ago·Reply
Yeah, that one is but there is another picture that shows his died hair.
a year ago