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Soooooo I love you all remember that ^_^

Chanwoo Pov

“ Chanwoo please!” Bobby Hyung begged for what felt like the millionth time within the last hour. “ Fine I will call her!” I sighed glaring towards him while pulling out my phone dialing the familiar number. It never took long for her to answer as if she knew I was about to call. “ Hey Noona so I heard from a little bird that you would be at our show tonight.” I chuckled into the phone as I listened to her gush about how excited she was. “ By chance did you and Akira get the V.i.p tickets?” I nonchalantly said as Bobby stood by hanging on to every word. “ Okay I will look for you.” I sang into the phone as we said our goodbyes. “What did she say?!” Bobby all but yelled desperately. “ She said..” I paused for dramatic effect trying not to laugh at watching Bobby squirm. “ What is Bobby's problem?” June asked walking into the room biting back laughter. “ What seat is she going to be in?” He whined shaking my shoulder as I finally lost it. “ They are sitting in the front row seat xxx” I huffed in between fits of laughter only to double over at the sight of his expression.

Bobby's Pov

' Seat xxx where is that? I know she is here, but where?' I frantically looked into the crowd until my eyes met hers just as the fireworks exploded. ' Was she always that beautiful?' I found myself thinking as I missed my cue as she started to laugh. ' God her smile is a gift from god.' I found myself thinking while fumbling to find my part of the song.

Y/n Pov

“ Did you see that idiot mess up during his part?” I laughed wiping tears from my eyes as we headed towards the cafe gushing over every detail from the show. “ I know! I love how they all kept coming where we were I knew I made the right choice picking my best friend.” Akira joked just as my phone started blaring forcing us to both freeze. “ That is his ring tone isn't it?” She asked as her face instantly fell as I confirmed her fears. “ Bye freedom.” I sighed as she quickly said goodbye as we promised to meet up at the cafe. “ Yes Jiyong-ssi?” I grumbled into the phone already annoyed with the conversation. “ What no how are you doing Oppa I have missed you?” He chuckled earning a groan from me. “ What do you want Jiyong.” I huffed trying to get my point across. “ Well a little bird just happened to tell me that you went to the Ikon concert.” He said eerily as his tone grew serious. “ Since when can't I go?” I shot back just as he began laughing. “ Okay fair point so where are you?” He asked finally getting to the point. “ I was on my way to the cafe for some coffee before I was rudely interrupted.” I sighed hoping she wouldn't be to mad at me. “ Stay where you are I will come get you we have a lot to talk about.” He slyly said before ending the call leaving me standing near an alley in the middle of the night. ' I better let Akira that I won't make it.' I sighed quickly typing a text while thanking god Hikaru had a thing for her so she wouldn't have to walk home alone.
“ Excuse me miss are you lost?” I heard a voice laugh from behind me as I mentally cussed out Jiyong. “ No sorry I am just waiting for a friend.” I smiled turning towards the man. ' Way to go idiot you should of said boyfriend!' I said beating myself up as the man walking into view as my face paled.

Hanbin Pov

“ The cafe is right up ahead if I understood them right yesterday they were heading straight here.” I heard Jinhwan say to the others as my phone went off. “ Hey guys I will catch up to you!” I yelled quickly answering while turning back around before anyone could stop me. “ What's up Hyung?” I sighed into the phone already dreading what was to come. “ What no Hyung how are you?” The voice laughed as I faked a smile. “ Sorry Hyung How are you?” I mocked earning a laugh before he became serious. “ As promised here are the next instructions listen carefully.” They spoke quickly as my eyes widened instantly regretting my decision to do this. “ Hyung.”I started but the line went dead. ' They are going to hate me.' I sighed making my way towards whatever fate had in store.

Y/n Pov

The man had on a mask covering his face as he watched my every move. “ Why don't you come play with me while you wait.” They laughed maniacally inching closer with every seconds. “ Hey man leave my girlfriend alone.” I heard a familiar voice say from behind as they pulled me into their arms. “ Sorry didn't notice she was taken.” The man said quickly rushing off down the road as I sighed relieved. “ Thank you so much I was so scared!” I turned around falling into his chest as my body started to relax. “ Why wouldn't I protect you idiot.” He smirked as he pulled me tightly against him. “ Really binnie thank you I thought he was going to kill me.” I cried as he started stroking my back in attempts to calm me down. “ Well I couldn't stand by and watch the woman I love be killed now could I?” He smirked as it took a minute to process his words. “ Wait what?!” I said trying to pull out of his arms in a panic. “ So you finally get Bobby and forget all about what we had?” He whispered as his voice cracked unable to look towards me. “ Binnie you know it isn't like that.” I tried to explain, but words kept failing me. “ Who was there for you when something happened that left you crying?” He started ranting forcing me to look into his eyes. “ Because I know damn well it wasn't Bobby! So why am I never good enough why is it always Bobby!” He broke down trying to find the answers in my eyes which were filled with tears. “ I loved you too Binnie.. I am so sorry..” I cried unable to look towards him any longer just as we heard foot steps heading our way. “ I have always loved you Y/n ever since I first saw you please?” He begged placing his hand on my chin forcing my eyes to meet his. Next thing I knew his lips crashed against mine just as the foot steps were right on us. No matter how much I tried to fight he wasn't about to let go of me anytime soon as he forced his tongue into my mouth.

Bobby Pov

“ Guys I am going to go check on Hanbin he is taking a while.” I quickly said rushing out of the cafe worried. Once we got there Y/n's friend said something came up and she wouldn't be there, but that wasn't stopping the others from asking her a million questions about Y/n. Rushing out into the cold air my mind was a mess ' What happened to Y/n?' I mumbled making my way down the road as I saw a quarreling couple a little way ahead. ' I wish I got to see Y/n enough to fight like that.' I found myself thinking with a small laugh just as I came within hearing distance of the couple. “ I have always loved you Y/n.” I heard his voice say as my world came crashing around me. I knew that voice all to well. Unable to move or look away I watched as Hanbin brought his lips to hers while my heart broke into a million pieces. “ Y/n how could you?” I choked out barely audible as their heads snapped in my direction. “ Wait Bobby this isn't what it looks like!” She desperately pleaded, but I refused to listen about how she decided she still loved Hanbin. With one last broken glance towards them I hastily took off without a destination as I desperately blocked out her cries. No matter what I did I couldn't get the image of them kissing out of my head as I clutched my ring tightly as the tears finally fell. “ How could you do this Y/n I love you.” I wailed into the silent air as my legs buckled beneath me.
wow! That was harsh.
OMO, what is happening? Why did Binnie (have to?) do that?! Can't wait to find out!
so yg and gd are up to some bullshit trust nobody