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The Amount of Hate ARMY is Getting These Days is Unbelievable!
In 2014, when I got into kpop, BTS was the first kpop band I liked so of course I joined the fandom. When I first joined, the fandom was so peaceful and friendly. We was one of the most peaceful fandoms remember? During that time, that's when most people were saying that EXO-Ls was the worst fandom because most of them kept causing trouble I guess?. I remember when EXO-Ls was beefing with Vips and Elfs a lot during that time. We just sat back and watched as we shook her heads. But now guess what? ARMYs is getting so much hate! Other fandoms say we are the worst fandom ever. They're favorite line, "ARMYs are so annoying!". Lol smh. I don't know if it's just me, but I'm starting to think it's the new ARMYs or the younger ones that's starting the trouble. ((((Not all ARMY)))) . They say we comment under everything, even when it's not BTS related. Please stop because every time I see it, I be like "oh shit here we go, prepare for the hate". Some of them bash other kpop bands, etc. But the thing I don't understand is why do everyone hate Army? Every fandom has their share of bad fans so it's not just us. So you really can't say the whole fandom is bad because not all of us act that way. I mean I still think ARMY is one of the coolest and friendly fandoms. For any fandom, if you're going to act immature and disrespectful, LEAVE. I hope this didn't offend anyone because it wasn't my intentions to make anyone upset. Do anyone get what I mean here? I want to see what you guys think.

My Awesome Vingle Fam ♡

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what I found interesting and very important is that, every fandom have some bad fans. I like that. That was a very good reminder. :)
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I think when kpop bands are the main trend that's when all the immature fans start to rise and defend them, which is understandable in certain aspects but sometimes they go to far...as far as to hurt the other Fandom and even giving the Fandom a bad name. Lately tho I've seen ARMY everywhere, like places I though I would never see ARMY and they comment or say "bts brought me here" which I don't mind in small doses but everyone doesn't need to comment a simple like should suffice haha...nonetheless ARMY'S besides shawol have been the most chill, I myself is multifandom so I can't say I dislike any Fandom because I might be apart of it to and I understand not all fans are like that, it gives me comfort when idols say I'm a fan they enjoy I don't invade their personal space, stalk them or tell them how to live their dam life. I've been in kpop for a good amount of time and I will say this will phase will come to pass and the next trending group will happen again it's just the cycle specially the younger fans...All I hope is its more peaceful in the future and no group bashing because all of our groups started from the ground up.
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Honestly the younger ARMY's are very annoying. They are quite literally everywhere and as multifandom, I find it very disrespectful. They also start fight with other fandoms saying stupid $hit
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see I thought I was the only one who kinda thought that..
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TBH I left the ARMY fandom because of the immaturity of the other fans. But I haven't stopped following BTS. They are still my UB group, it's just that I created a smaller fanbase between my irl friends who are much more mature and don't want to be caught up with ARMY drama. I know, this might be seen as "Not a true fan of BTS" or "Some fake fans" but between my friends and I, we like to keep our sanity when it comes down to fanbases of Kpop. Sorry if you find this rude in any way.
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nope I don't I totally understand what you mean ☺
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Being an Army-l the immature fans that started the fanwar to the ones that kept adding fire to the war, is the reason why I'm not participating in MAMA Awards voting thing, and it was supposed to be my second year voting 😢😢
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