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Today celebrates the birthday of B1A4 rapper Baro. He turns 24 today.
(Due to popularity or whatnot, some of the idols get more attention on their birthday than others. I want to make sure some of the boys from other idol groups at least get 1 card on their birthday. If you know of an idol birthday from a group, please make a card to celebrate. I hate to see some left out....and I've been guilty of it too.)
Baro is adorable....and he loves his BANA.
He sings, raps, dances, and acts......and really looks good doing it.
Baro is an athlete also....and he's fast. He and BTOB's MinHyuk battle for the gold in the 60 m, but in the end, they are friends.
Check out B1A4's music if you haven't heard them before.
Happy Birthday Baro! I hope you have a wonderful birthday.
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<333333 such a golden soul!