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Omg it's the start of some drama! finally after Lil smut time there's drama happening! lol its bound to happen. and I have to say this just cracked me up.
When sarah got home from meeting with boss man she didn't tell Jenni about it even as she asked what he wanted to talk about. She ignored jenni and went into her room. The need to call Kooki up and tell him was pressing but she didn't want to make him aware that she was getting harassed online. Looking through some of the forums she saw a bunch of mentions of diamond and Ruby talking like they were so close to them on the radio.  If she told jenni she would just shrug this away and go 'holy shit people know! Yey I'm the famous bith who stole Joonie from them all! ' "Sarah sarah I signed us up for this hip hop dance class you don't have to go if you don't feel good but oh I so want you to come with! Please it'll be fun!" jenni had knocked at the door and talked through it not opening the door. It would get her mind off this issue and after she would be so tired she wouldn't think of it. Setting the computer aside she got up and opened the door. "Yey so you'll come? " Jenni asked "Yea it will take my mind off things " sarah sounded sullen "Oh no you will not act depressed  I don't care what boss man said to you by the you know we've heard so many warnings from him before" jenni laughed dragging her further out of the room. Sarah winced in such a short time jenni saw that change in her and was acting cheery on purpose. "What would that be?" Sarah questioned "Hmm well you remember when we got in that cat fight on the radio. I mean who in their right mind would try to do that with us, do they know how crazy we are. Boss man had taken us aside after and told us how we shouldn't engage in a fight with a lunatic. " jenni remembered the story. "You turned to him and asked which lunatic me or her?" sarah laughed as she indicated with her thump herself and then jenni. "Hey it got him to laugh about it, later I heard that he wanted Julia to pull anyone who tried to start fights with us" jenni reminded her making her chuckle.  "He does get very protective of us " sarah admitted. "Damn right he does" jenni grinned. Her phone beeped and she checked it for a second before putting it away. "So should we go to class? Gosh I can't believe I just said that" jenni giggled. "This'll be good" sarah nodded "I now regret the decision to have callers give us activities to do" jenni groaned. Sarah just laughed "I wish the guys would do this with us" jenni added making sarah laugh more. "So they can show off how good they are or to show off how bad we are to them?" Sarah questioned "Good point, it's a good thing they can't join us" jenni nodded as they went into a studio room. Mirrors filled the room and a variety of people were in the classroom already. "Are you happy it's a three day seminar and not a full class?" Sarah asked. "So much" jenni nodded. "You know you weren't all that bad at the one we did at kcon I'm sure you can follow along" sarah said making her laugh "You knew the dance so well sarah I'm sure people noticed you" jenni pointed out. "Hey I like the song fire" she said "I know you do." Shortly after they started to stretch towards the back of the room someone came in and stood at the front of the room. She looked famaliar.  "Hello everyone" she said bowing to the class "today we are doing a hip hop class today" she said. "I think the last time I took a hip hop class was back in high school and with my brothwr" jenni said laughing. "Jordan? Dancing?  Oh I would pay to see that" sarah laughed. "Hey he was pretty good at it" jenni said. "Me, I'm a klutz which reminds me don't get to close I may run into you" jenni said. Sarah stared then took several large steps away from her, The class started and the girl at the front showed moves in steps making it easier to follow, she then would go around the room and fix things if she saw someone doing it wrong. The girl was very helpful and when she had gotten by Jenni she had to help her through a few of the steps before putting it all together.  An hour later when the class ended both Sarah and Jenni could do a full three minute dance routine with no faults and no injuries. "Sarah I get the impression I've seen her somewhere" jenni said to her friends "I think she's a well known dancer for someone" sarah said putting her stuff in her bag. "So how did you two do?" Their teacher said coming over to them, they were one of the last couple people still left in the room. "I didn't fall once. I'm proud of myself " jenni said with a huge grin on her face. "I think I did good too" sarah said. "Okay this is Going to sounds weird but have we met before? I swear you look famailar" sarah finally asked making her laugh. "Hmm have we had her on the show before?" Jenni questioned "Oh are you in a girl group? That could explain it!" Jenni was making guesses. The girl giggled. "What was your name again?" Sarah asked, "Im sorry I missed it at the beginning of class" sarah said. "I have a short term memory problem" jenni said pointing to her head. "Its okay my name is Yu-Jin. I work at bighit as a dancer. I've seen you two around the practice rooms" she said "Really?  Hmm not like we go there that often" Sarah said. "Wait, do you know who we are?" Jenni asked "Kind of, your both with the guys from bts. And I'm taking it your also Ruby and Diamond from that talk show. There was a slip that they would be in my class" Yu-Jin said. "Ah, what gave us away? Not like I don't mind you knowing we're on the radio" sarah shrugged.  "Wild and crazy kind of gave it away" she laughed. "Do you listen to us? " Jenni asked "I actually do. A bunch of my friends do too. It's easy to get carried away with someone else's craziness then our own" she said making Jenni laugh. "Which is why I live vicariously through her " jenni pointed to sarah "And I live vicariously.  . No no I don't I like my boyfriend very much. I just find her funny" sarah said. "Well I like my boyfriend better then yours so " jenni stuck her tongue out at sarah. It made all three of them laugh. "So you really are dating guys from BTS?" She asked. "Hmm are we?" Sarah mused "A lot of people at the studio can guess with seeing you two around alot. But because they all stay together it's hard to tell if it's true or your just friends with all of them" she said. "Well we are friends with all of them," jenni said "gosh I think they ended up being the closest group we have gotten too. Maybe cause they are as goofy as we are" jenni started talking out loud "We hung out with the guys from Got7 too" sarah pointed out. "Hmm I think the next group we should totally befriend that way we aren't just sticking to one group" jenni said "And it has to be a girl group, you know just to be fair, oh I want to be friends with amber" sarah said making Jenni laugh. "You just want to give her a tiger and make her choose what side she'll be on" jenni said. "Your getting side tracked" Yu-Jin cut in. "Oh thats right sorry, you were saying we were dating them. Your not going to spread that around are you?" Sarah asked worried for a moment. "Now that I've met you.  I'm not sure.  You know alot of the back up dancers had hoped they would catch an eye or two" she stated. "And now that you see two beauties like us got them your jealous?" Sarah asked. Jenni stifled a giggle. "Not jealous " she said but her expression darkened. "Angry is more like it " she had crossed her arms and was giving a death glare. "You know its hard to take this conversation seriously after seeing the guy behind you still staring at your ass " jenni said pointing out,  it had caught her eye before but she now just wanted to point it out. "Jen jen I think she wants to start a cat fight with us" sarah said trying to clue her in. "She is?" Jenni widened her eyes in surprise at her friend. "How can you tell? She's not throwing insults at me or punches or scratching my eyes out" jenni said. "What kind of fights do you get into? I'm concerned" Sarah questioned in horror looking at her friend. Jenni just shrugged, "Racer fights?" Jenni shrugged  "Oh there's a race tonight I was going to see if you and the guys wanted to go. I haven't been to one since, well in a couple months, I think " jenni was changing the subject again "Oh the guys are sure going to want to come. Hmm we should probably head out to get them" sarah said. "Hey wait we were in a conversation here" Yu-Jin said "Oh yea " jenni said then shrugged  "but see I no longer care " jenni said. "She kind of lost my interest " sarah shrugged.  "Then can we go now?" Jenni asked. "Wait" Yu-Jin interrupted "What?" Sarah and jenni said at the same time. Yu-Jin glowered "Do you care if they get in trouble?" She questioned "Meh,  I guess we'll just talk to them and see what they think" sarah said. "Besides you'll just make assumptions about who is taken and who isn't at this point " she added. "Lets go" jenni said They left after that, sarah calling Kooki to see what they were up too. She asked if they wanted to go out and of course it was a yes. "What was with that girl in there? " Jenni asked. "I don't know, although I think we avoided a fight with her" sarah said "I still don't see how she was trying to pick one with us" jenni said. Sarah laughed. "This is the reason I love you " sarah said punching her in the arm. "What I do?" Jenni questioned "Being you" sarah laughed.
They headed to the studio where the guys were at and went in to annoy them. Most of them were in the dance room  except for Suga.  He was working on his music. "Jonnie" jenni called out at the doorway making him turn to see her, a grin broke out over his face. "Panda!" He called out making her laugh as she went to him. "Kooki!" Sarah called next even as he was walking over to her. "How was your dance class?" Kooki asked her. "Good. I learned a new dance and jenni didn't fall" she said making him laugh as he hugged her. He lifted her up off the ground and twirled her around making her giggle. "You really didn't fall?" Namjoon asked Jenni. "Nope,  actually the teacher was really good about breaking down the dance. So I  didn't really get a chance to trip over myself." Jenni said. "Thats good to hear" he had wrapped his arms around her and she had her a around his neck.  "You two break it up, break it up" Jimin said coming over and pulling at Namjoon. "Jenni said there's a race. I want to goooo" Jimin said excitedly. "Oh yea, that's why we came" jenni laughed. "Wait wasn't there something before that?" Jenni questioned "What?" Namjoon asked "No Jen Jen your just going back in time to what brought the subject up" sarah said. "Oh yea that girl wanting to fight" jenni said as it dawned on her, she smiled at Namjoon "she wasn't even good at it" she laughed. "No Jen Jen no, we just didn't give her a chance" sarah said standing beside her now. "Well she lost our interest although now it's back on my mind.  What was she trying to get in a fight about anyway?" Jenni asked. "Im not sure, but she works here at bighit and was upset we hung out with you guys. I think that was it" sarah tried to remember "That could be it, we'll go with that" jenni nodded. A worried look passed over the boys faces. "Do you think she knows your dating me and Kooki? " namjoon asked. "Prolly thinks someone in the group" jenni said. "Its not like you two keep it on the DL, you hang over each other so much I bet they know" sarah said "Nuh uh! You and kooki are always touching I'm sure she figured it out because if you " jenni shot back. " No its because of you and how your always talking Joonie this Joonie that" sarah mimicked Jenni, they both kept themselves from laughing. "Well you do it with kooki" "I tried to do it, it just didnt work out stupid j hope interupting" sarah turned to him with a glare. "Noo you did it yesturday on his birthday! " Jenni told her "And we did it in my room not on the couch and on my tiger blanket!" Sarah let a cry of rage out "It just happened god Joonie did it not me" jenni put the Blame of it on him. "And you did it with everyone just a room away" jenni pointed out "There was music on loud so you couldn't hear! " Sarah agreed "See you do go at it!" jenni pointed her finger and sarah slapped at it then punched her friend in the arm. "Owe that hurt. Oh you better take that back" jenni said "No" sarah said they stared and then their hands went out and they started slapping each others hand until they just flat out burst out laughing. The guys watched laughing along with them. "You call that a fight!" Jimin called out. Sarah gave a thumbs up "Yes yes that was our cat fight " jenni nodded as she laughed. "It was better job then that girl, oh Yu-Jin that was her name" sarah snapped her fingers remembering the girls name at last. "I don't think we know how to fight each other " jenni said. "No not unless we get annoyed and that takes a lot. " sarah agreed. "I don't remember the last time we fought" sarah pointed out "Nope. Oh was this Yu-Jin going to be a problem?  I don't know how you  feel about people knowing" sarah turned to kooki to ask. "Yea, do you care? Or is it going to be a problem " jenni asked Namjoon.  "I think we'll handle it when the time comes"  namjoon said. "Okay cause we can take her down if need be" jenni said "How? You don't know how to fight " namjoon questioned "I have ways" jenni said vaguely "Thats just creepy" Jimin said butting in. It made them break out laughing. after that they went to the race that jenni talked about. Sarah wasn't in a talkative mood. She kept her distance from kooki which was unusual and had latched onto Tae and Suga for some reason. Jenni could see the confusion on a few faces of their group but didn't comment. "Is Dominic here?" Namjoon asked grabbing her attention. He had draped an arm around her shoulders to get her attention. "Hmm, no Dominic is in the states visiting my brother" jenni said. "He is?" Namjoon asked. "Wait I thought he already visited him?" Sarah questioned confused. "No he was going at the end up august Into September by a few days, think he'll be back after labor day weekend out there " jenni said "something about having the holiday weekend off so they were doing something big before he left" jenni added with a shrug. "Oh okay" sarah nodded. "So do you know anyone here?" Namjoon asked "Well duh,  I know lots of people" jenni grinned. "Oh hey look it's that girl I raced last time, sarah let's go bug her!" Jenni was about to grab sarah to walk away but Namjoon held onto her so she wouldn't go anywhere. "No you don't" namjoon said "Yea jenni  we've already stopped one fight don't need another one to break up " sarah said. She was looking around paranoid.  "Hey Jenni why don't we check out those cars over there?" Sarah pointed. "Sure" jenni said. Sarah pulled her away from her boyfriend and went to look at cars while the guys trailed behind stopping and questioning people about their cars and when the race was going to start. "So why did you just pull me away from Joonie?" Jenni asked sarah. "Because you two hang all over each other, you make it so obvious your dating" sarah said. Jenni stared at her flustered "So? We are dating. I mean I can understand if I was doing that to jiminie but I'm not and won't because I'm not getting screwed by him. Oh sorry did I say that out loud? " Jenni stopped and questioned what was coming out of her mouth  "After tonight don't you think we shouldn't really show it that we're dating people in the group?" Sarah questioned "Really? Who the hell cares oh my god is this why your ignoring kooki tonight? Did that butch get in your head and think it's not right? Dude you realize we can take her. Remember were crazy who in their right mind is going to mess with us?" Jenni laughed but sarah still looked worried, "What about their fans, they would really go after us." Sarah said. "Seriously, fuck armies! They may be idols and have to look perfect but come on they are still human it's not like the don't crap and eat like everyone else. They are allowed to love someone and if people want to get in their way well that's just rude " jenni said. "Im sorry armies but had to say it, wait your an army are you going to go after me?" Jenni stopped walking and turned to her friend "No, why would I?" Sarah questioned confused. "There you go  not all armies would be against them getting girlfriends " jenni pointed out. "Hey look there dancing over there! I'm going over there!" Jimin said right behind them. "Hey jiminie, don't get lost! " Jenni said to him.  "We're going over there too!" Tae said next to him with Kooki next to him. "Have fun!" Jenni laughed. "Sarah don't worry and have some fun. Look there's dancing going on and alcohol being distributed over there too" jenni pointed at a spot further ahead of them. "Okay" sarah nodded. "Did that talk help whatever is going through your brain?" Jenni asked making sarah chuckle "Well you did vocalize some of the thoughts in my head so yea I guess it did" sarah said. "Wait   was that really what this was about? Are you finding out about that crap on those forums about Ruby and Diamond being to close to the bts boys?" Jenni asked "You know about it?" Sarah questioned confused "Yea, Julia pointed it out a couple days ago, I guess the girls from that girl group had questioned it with a couple of the people at the radio station and they probably talked but come on, it's like a rumor being spread around. And that chicken tonight it's not like she knows omg she was taking a picture with Joonie the other day that's where I recognize her!" Jenni all of a sudden burst out and then laughed. "No wonder I thought I recognized her from somewhere" "Really jenni? You just remembered that?" Sarah questioned flippantly "she's going to spread it around" sarah cried out. "Meh who does she think we are with? Honestly that night we hung all over the guys and I took a picture with Kooki,  oh I swear if she thinks I'm with him eek why did you punch me?" Jenni rubbed her arm where Sarah punched her "Mine" she hissed. "Yours yours! ! I don't want him" jenni Said. "Not while you beat me up for him" jenni added with a grin. "Oh I have an idea to throw her off. Hmm tomorrow when we have class well put it into action " jenni said evily then proceeded to tell sarah her plan of confusing the girl. "The race is about to start" namjoon said joining the two girls. Jin and Suga were with him. "Nice. Sorry we kind of went into our own little world" jenni said to him. Poking her on the cheek namjoon laughed. "We went exploring so no worries babe" he said. After that they went in search of the other guys and then got a good spot to watch the race.
The next day jenni and sarah caught up on more dramas as the guys stayed at their studio to work. When 6 O clock came Jenni and Sarah headed out for their hip hop class, when they arrived the teacher who didn't like them sneered at them as they walked in. "Sarah do you smell cat liter? I swear there's a cat in here trying to shit" jenni said as they past. Sarah burst out laughing "Oh burn!" Sarah high fived her. "Are we back in high school where we have to deal with drama?" "I prefer my drama on TV thank you very much" "That you would, you know I no longer want to live vicariously through you, you are just trying to start drama with that line" "But it really smelled like a cat in here" "Just let it go it was a good line don't try to cover it up " sarah laughed Class started shortly after there banter back and forth, this time the girl paid no attention to them and jenni fumbled a couple times and ended up running into sarah twice and the wall three times. when the end of the class came Jenni just ended up sitting on the ground. When the girl came over she stared down at Jenni. "How'd I do teach?" Jenni grinned. "You are a bumbling idiot" she sneered. "Yu-Jin " someone called out "You know I kinda prefer klutzy ditz, but then again that's just my preference " jenni grinned. "No klutzy panda" sarah laughed "Oh what was my name in high school again?" Jenni asked "Think it was klutzy fake bitch " sarah said making Jenni laugh "See I can laugh about it now" jenni said finally getting to her feet. "Okay let's head out" sarah said "Wait you two I want to talk to you" Yu-Jin said. "Okay? Did I fail your class?"Jenni asked. "What no, there is no grade in this class" Yu-Jin looked confused "Oh good cause I thought I failed" jenni said. "No I wanted to say I know you two are dating people in bts, I'm going to spread it around" she said. Jenni gave sarah a look and smiled ever so sweetly. "Oh really?  Do you know who were dating?" Jenni asked. "Your dating . . . . . . Yoongi!" It took her a minute to think of who. "What? Oh okay yea I am" sarah smiled. "Wait no you just pointed out I'm dating Yoongi,  you know I never thought about that but I want Yoongi now, thank you for pointing that out" jenni said. "What no I get Yoongi, he's mine" "Sarah shut up" jenni said. "He's mine now" “What? Yea sure I’m dating Yoongi” Sarah said “You know what I can see that, you know want him” Jenni said “No no I get yoongi” Sarah said. “Sarah shut up I get yoongi, yoongi sees you as a sister” “Oh you're so mean” “Yea its so true” Sarah said. “That means he’s all mine muahaha” Jenni tried to do an evil laugh but failed epicly “Fine than I get tae, tae no I get Jimin” Sarah said. “No, he’s my best friend you can’t have him” “Oh okay so we're going through all of them, okay” Sarah spoke to no one but herself “No Jimin is mine, he can still be your best friend” “Fine than I’ll get tae” “But I want Tae, I know he’s my best friend but still friends can lead to more things” “No, well wait, than does that mean I can have jimin?” Jenni asked sheepishly. “No” Sarah said full force “Well than fine I want Namjoon” Sarah said. Jenni let out a huge gasp. “Fine, than I get Kooki” She shot back “Fine trade of the bias’s” Sarah laughed. “But in all honesty I want Jin, he would cook me food all the time.” “I like him, I want him too” Jenni laughed “Are we going to fight over him too? Sarah questioned “ Fine you can have J hope” “I don’t want J hope” Jenni said right away. “Oh, I see “ “You have him” “I’m sorry Hobi wherever you are” Sarah apologized on her behalf. “I love you” “You can have him” Jenni said. “OKay, alright so have we gone through all of them?” Sarah asked. “Yea i don't know. I got kind of confused. In all that did you catch who we are dating? Cause I didn’t” Jenni laughed. “Uhm, no” Sarah said. “Well we started with Suga but it isn’t him so who else?” Jenni asked. “Jenni you're not supposed to give her a clue” Sarah said. “Yes that’s not your boyfriend.” She added. “But I’m confused on who my boyfriend is” Jenni said. “I don’t know” Sarah said. “Who is your boyfriend? Why is it we always hang out with bts, cause they’re friends doesn’t mean anything you know” Sarah questioned. “Hi” Jenni said seeing Namjoon and Kooki at the doorway “Oh Namjoon Kooki what are you doing here?” Yu-Jin said seeing them when Jenni said something. “We were walking down the hallway and heard you” Namjoon said. “Your dating Namjoon!” Yu-Jin said seeing Jenni walk over to them. “No I am not!” Jenni declared getting a crazed look from the two guys. “Kooki love me “ Jenni said passing Namjoon and throwing her arms around Kooki and kissing his cheek. He looked shocked by this turn of events. “How dare you kiss my boyfriend” Sarah declared “He’s not your boyfriend! Oh wait have we decided who was whose?” Jenni questioned. “Uh yea no, Stop touching all of them!” Sarah got confused. “You can’t have either of them they are mine” Sarah said. Sarah went over and started fight with Jenni to get her off kooki but she clung to him. Yu-Jin just stood there staring at what was happening in front of her and the poor boys were horrified by what the girls were doing. When sarah finally got Jenni off Kooki he ran towards the exit, Namjoon sighed and followed him out. “Wait dont leave me! Come back” Jenni called out to them. “Jenni you scared them away” Sarah told her. “Does this mean I have to get J hope?” Jenni looked crestfallen Sarah burst out laughing. “Yea than I get the rest” Sarah said. “If Jimin wants you. You can have him” Sarah threw her a bone. “So I take it neither of you are dating J hope” Yu-Jin cut in their conversation. They both laughed. “Suurree, or maybe that's what we want you to think” Sarah said looking back at her. At some point she forgot that he girl was in the room. “Maybe we're both dating him” “I'm not dating him” Jenni stated point blank. “Jenni, you just ruined this, I was going with maybe we are both dating him” “Why would I date the same person as you?” jenni questioned confused. “Because he’s a cheater” Sarah stated. “He’s a player” “Okay” yu-Jin dragged the word out in response. “What were we discussing? Lady whatever your name is-” “Yu-Jin” Sarah supplied the girls name. “Thank you, Yu-Jin what were you asking us?” jenni asked. “I was trying to get you to tell me who your boyfriends are” She supplied. “Oh, am I dating someone?” Jenni turned to Sarah. “I don’t know!” She threw her hands up in the air. “I thought we were all just hanging out but I guess not” Sarah said. “So you aren’t dating anyone?” Yu-Jin asked. “So they’re all available?” She sounded so hopeful “Excuse me no, no one is available we are dating all of them” Sarah sounded so serious all of a sudden. “Didn’t we just say we arent dating them?” Jenni questioned. “No you didn’t, you said you weren’t dating j hope” Yu-Jin pointed out. “You have me confused! and boys I’m well aware you are hiding in the hallway listening to all of this, get back in here and defend me! And Sarah!” Jenni called out to the two in the hallway, she didn’t know that there was more than just those two, the whole group was there too. Yu-Jin looked shocked by this turn of events. “I give up, you have confused me and forgotten about me and I don’t know what’s happening anymore” She was pulling at her hair like a crazy woman. “Hey were in the same boat I’m confused too” Jenni spoke up. “Jenni you're not helping” Sarah said. Yu-Jin let out a mild scream before storming out of the room. “What was that all about?” Namjoon questioned. Sarah and Jenni looked at each other and than at the guys just standing there, once they burst out everyone but Namjoon and Kooki started laughing as well.
I realize how much we actually picked on J hope in the last scene here, I want to feel bad but it was just so funny and as sarah would say he deserved it for walking in on sarah and kooki but omg did it get confusing and the girl just gave up like whatever, I wonder if that'll be the last, sigh I don't think so hehe. so I will say this that confusions tack tick scene well me and sarah actually had this conversation using stuffed animals as characters and boy was it funny I had been so glad I had recorded and was like this will be used muhahaha well sarah it's used and story of how it was created is out! I will not be ashamed he hehe. this is what happens when you don't see your bestie in a month. it gets crazy.
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😂😂😂 That's what you get for messing with Jenni n Sarah! Too funny!!
I found it funny....poor confused BTS though. I'd feel bad for JHope, but he wanted to REOPEN the door on Kookie and Jenni, so I can't feel bad. Now they really need a boy group on the show to discuss and fawn over....maybe one of the ones they met at KCon. Monsta X would be good as they are all legal. Astro is adorable, but 3 (depending if you go by Korean legal age or not) are still underage. Monsta X is a touchy feely group too, and it's easy to scare a few of them.
@MaritessSison lol you get a world of confusion when you try to mess with em' lol
lmaooooo They are like laurel and hardy, the old comedy duo from wayyyy back in the day!!!! I love it!!!
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