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I am seriously done with Bighit...Just when I thought it couldn't get worse it did...
First I'd like to talk about the line from Tomorrow...
trans: Because the dawn right before the sun rises is the darkest
I mean like why??? Isn't it enough that we have 3 mvs to connect!!! Now you bring in Tomorrow which was released in 2014!!!
Anyway lets start from the beginning...the short film starts with Rap Mon quoting Hermann Hesse's Demian...So I looked up the book and I also found something else...Jungkook sings "The 15 year old me who has nothing" Lo and behold Hesse in his biography talks about how he escaped at the age of 15. From their I tried to find out about what Beneath the Wheel is about and lookie here the protagonist drowns...know anyone else who drowned???? All these similarities are too much to be a coincidence.
I have no theories about this picture other than Bighit really has a thing for burning things...however what caught my attention was a picture of J. Cole in the back..no matter how I think that picture makes no sense...
Now I know everyone has been saying that the drawing looks like Suga and I agree....however I don't think that the drawing is ONLY Suga I think its Suga and Jhope mashed together...if you look at the picture carefully you can see two face outlines...
This part really creeped me out...from what I can see there's only Suga pictures floating around (also the horns and branches reminded me of Hannibal *shudders*)
I'm pretty sure this is Taehyung, a scary one but Taehyung nevertheless...then the scene where Jungkook says hyung absolutely pissed me off...Bighit obviously had to use the maknae...so when we he says hyung it could be any freaking one of them!!!! (I know he was looking at the picture which I believe is Taehyung, but this is Bighit we're talking about)
So with all this new found information I re watched all the videos...In I NEED U Jungkook was the only person who didn't have any sort of problem...I mean sure he was walking around all gloomy, but compared to the others it was nothing (Jhope had problems with drugs, Rapmon with smoking, etc) but what about the maknae???
In Run we saw everyone hit their high as well as low points...but Jungkook and Jin stood out the most...I mean they were freaking brooding throughout the mv even when everyone was having fun...maybe Jin and Jungkook were the two who had faced reality, but Jin couldn't handle the truth and had killed himself while Jungkook held his ground and ended up seeing his friends burn down...
Credits to letmebacktoreality
I totally agree with her...if you look at it I NEED U was the point were they gave themselves away to their inner demons, In Run they did a lot of bad things and ran away from the police which inevitably gets them in trouble, and I think this is the final part of their story. Maybe the others were too late to grasp reality, but Jungkook held on and is finally able to spread his wings (while the others took the quicker route: death)

Check out the short film!

Anyway it says short film #1 that means there's more to come...maybe this is the final clue to solve this roller coaster we've been on *sings Beautiful Pain in the background*
BIGHIT laughing in the background while ARMYs come up with awesome theories but not one is right haha. But I got to say your theory is really good.
I'm so ready for Bighit or BTS to tell us what's actually going on with these videos
@Aripendragon it's just a thing. Sometimes their videos connect with other videos, but this is something we know connects. Lies connected with a part in their trilogy (it's not obvious if you haven't seen it). In BTS, a lot of things connect but they keep it conspicuous and never tell us directly so we have to figure it out ourselves
@Aripendragon yes, there's going to be more. We've already figured out that they're doing one for each member and there are 7 members, there might be a one with all of them in it but we aren't sure
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