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Digital Process ahead!
So I actually did something useful such as screen cap the process properly unlike my last mistake.
WARNING: Terrible explaining ahead (lol)
Select a manga cap...
I have selected Hozuki-kun, or as I like to call him: Kise Ryota's child.
Layer One: original photo
Layer Two: Skin.
For Layer One: I have reduced the layer to a visibility less than fifty percent for obvious reasons lol.
For layer two: Play around with the skin colors until you get the desired ones.
Erased anything outside the lines
Layer Three: Outline.
This is pretty much the untouched layer. Since this is the untouched layer, this is where I tend to put all the colors I intend to use for the drawing.
Here is how it looks like with just layer 3.
A bit of advice:
Don't use so much black. If you want your coloring to look kind of soft try using gray, brown, and any other hues in between.
Barely noticeable but before touching other layers make sure that everything is outlines the way you like it. Here I made sure there was absolutely no trace of skin colors outside the skin.
The hair is sometimes tricky. You have to get the direction and highlights correct and its kind of tedious, but with dedication you can get there.
Cleaned excess color.
I pretty much BS-ed the jacket because I didn't know what colors, or style, would suit the drawing...but here it is.
Very halfheartedly shaded the shirt lmao
Eyes are usually my favorite part (aside from hair) because shading them and making them sparkle is such a nice feeling. Although these aren't my best I am pretty happy with them I suppose.
Here is how it looks like finished. I posted two because I did a background but I think it looks great regardless. I have no intention of signing this because lol I only did this to show how to color and tbh I hate signing stuff that isn't mine.
Genre: Comedy; Drama; Romance; School Life; Shoujo
Process Art/Digital Art
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Wow this are really good!!😊😊