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Hello hello~

It's that time of week again.....time for the WELCOME TO VINGLE KPOP CARD AHHHH!!!!!!!~~*~*~*~*~*~*

We're basically one crazy family here so introduce yourself and join the fun^^

How did you get into Kpop?

What are some of your bias groups/biases?

I'm Kimchi^^
I got into Kpop back in 2006 after clicking a random video on YouTube, and my ultimate bias is Hakyeon from VIXX. I love pretty much everyone but right now BTS and VIXX and my numero unos~

Nice to meeeeeeeet you!!!!!

I am Bryann (yes I am a guy) I got into kpop in 2014 and my bias group is Bts♡
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@exbh98 no problem at all! If you need anything let us know!
I did my card! ♡
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@exbh98 you can either write your own card or just comment here^^ You can write a card by clicking the "add a card" button at the bottom of the app or the top right corner of your computer^^