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Nintendo Wii U performance has been less than stellar so far. With not much titles to look forward to, consumers seem to be holding onto their wallet to see whether PS4 or Xbox One will give them what they really want. What could Nintendo possibly do to improve Wii U sales? Allow open development by third parties? Maybe pray for a magical sales spike between Oct~Dec?
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Seems like this is the end.
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Actually, I think the whole "play with your family" thing is what killed nintendo. I mean its a great idea and worked for the wii, but I think they lost all of their hardcore gamers due to it.
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Sad to see :(
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Just look at some of the titles that are coming up for Wii U: Pikmin 3, New Super Luigi, Super Mario 3D World... I mean WTH?? Does Nintendo reallllly want to lose the next gen. console war?? it's baffling!
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nintendo seems to be done
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