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On September 5, 2009, f(x) performed their debut single LACHATA for the first time.

Now, seven years later, we're still loving these girls!


Originally meant to be a sister group of SHINee, f(x) focused on their amazing dance moves for their debut.


This is the single in which they declared they were different, a new breed of girl group. And they never looked back!

Rum Pum Pum

This is one of my favorite f(x) songs ever! After the success of Electric Shock, the girls moved on to put out viral hit after hit!

Red Light

This was unfortunately the last song with Sulli, but the girls continue to slay with their amazing vocals paired with unique and difficult choreo.

Four Walls

This comeback was seriously stunning. At first I was confused by the track and then I couldn't get it out of my head. The girls proved that they're just as strong as a group of four, and I can't wait for their next comeback!

I also just love how clearly close the girls are.

Here's to all the happy years to come!

I'm so glad that they never caved in and forced Amber to change her image... letting her be herself was the best decision the company ever made for the group
I agree. that's why I love her so much!! haha
I lowkey forgot all about Sulli.
4walls said to me, that they were declaring to each other as they find their way as a 4 member group, no matter how strange or surreal things felt, they would be there for each other and stand strong, like a house with 4 good walls
I'm glad they stayed together after Sulli left.
F(x) was my first kpop girl group. I love how unique they are and how they're not afraid to have some diversity in their music and imagine. They will always be my top girl group. Happy 7 years and here's to many more with the f(x) ladies!
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