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You save me again and again, yet I died over and over. without you, I'm just like a ghost. Without me, you are a ghost.


It's pitch black. I hear nothing, see nothing, and feel scared. I can't move, I can't breathe. My body feels like lead and panic sets in. I smell something, it burns my nose and throat. I smell smoke. I feel hot, sweaty. I want to cough.
("Wake up! Get up! SOMI! WAKE! UP!" )
My eyes flew open and I see clouds of Grey. I wheeze as I try to breathe through the smoke. I see shadows moving in the corner of my room. The dead teenage girl I saw and help was standing next to my bed looking worried at me, fear in her eyes.
("Fire! Fire! Get up! Get out!") I hear her voice shouting in my head. My house was on fire. I threw the covers off of me and grabbed my most valuables, stuffing them into my book bag.
I ran to my door and touched the knob, scolding my hand. The ghost girl pointed to my window. I looked at her as if she was crazy. My room was on the second floor. I had no choice. I ran to my window, unlocking it and trying to pry it open. It wouldn't budge. It was getting harder to breathe.
("Don't give up! Try again! Break it!") I heard the dead girls voice again.
I tried again, I even threw something at the glass hoping it would break, nothing. The shadows were no longer in the corners. They were slithering closer to me, reaching out. I could feel their anger, their hatred, it hurt. I felt the darkness that surrounded them. My body felt heavy and I fell to my knees. Someone…help… I felt weak and was starting to lose conscience.
("Cover your head.") I did just as the window shattered and I heard my name. I blacked out.


"Sorry, we're closed." I said while cleaning the last table.
"Ah, well that's a shame." A familiar voice spoke. "I thought I was special."
I turned around, grinning.
"Taehyung, of course you're "special" and welcomed." I laughed. He gave me his stupidly cute grin and sat down at the counter.
“So, how was work?" He asked, propping his head with him hands.
“Busy.” I said as I continued cleaning the table. “Do you want something to eat?”
“No, I was just stopping by to say hi.” I nodded in response. “Also, I have some questions I wanna ask you noona.” I stopped what I was doing and looked at him. A name popped in my head. I smiled. This boy, haha. Cute.
“What do you want to know about Somi?” He looked at me wide eye before grinning.
"Everything and anything, heheh." He patted the stool chair next to him. I sat.
"Weeeeeell...let's see." I tapped my index finger against my lips a few times, thinking. "She lives by herself. Her favorite color is green and black. She seems serious, but she is actually shy and a goofy once she gets comfortable with someone…"
"Does she have a boyfriend?" Taehyung jumped straight into the question. He knew, I knew, that he wanted the answer to that. Of course I couldn't just give him the answer that easily.
"You're going to have to ask her that." I said. "She may, she may not."
"Ah, come on! Noooonaaa~" He whined. I laughed and stood up.
A tightness hit my chest. I felt like I couldn't breathe and I saw orange and red flickering in my vision. I felt weak, I felt scared, but at the same time I felt that it wasn't my emotions. It was someone's else on top of mine. I heard a muffled voice in my head.
"Noona?" "Hyeri, are you okay?" I could barely make out Taehyung's voice.
"Shhh." I was trying to listen to the voice.
I closed my eyes and tried to see who was speaking in my mind. An image, slightly haze, of a teenage girl appeared in my mind. It was the girl who Somi found under the bridge. I don't understand what you're saying. I can't hear you. I said to her in my mind. ("…s'mi…ire…") There was static cutting off her voice. I needed energy to clear out the static. I grabbed Taehyung's hand, his energy being perfect. He knew what I can do, he stayed quiet, no questions asked. The voice was now clear.
("Somi needs help! Somi's house is on fire! Help her! The evil things are attacking her! She can't get out! Everything is burning! Help her! Hurry!")
I dropped everything in my hand, grabbed my coat and took off, not worrying about the cafe or anything else.
"NOONA! NOONA WAIT!" Taehyung called out to me as he followed. "HYERI-AH, WHAT'S WRONG??" Caught up quick, keeping pace.
"SOMI'S in TROUBLE." I said as we continue to run. Her house was about 10-12 minutes from my café.
"H-how...wha?" Taehyung stuttered, confused.
"She's trapped in her house and it's on fire!" We both ran harder, faster.


I didn't know what exactly was going on, but Hyeri noona said Somi was in danger. That she was trapped in her burning house. How Hyeri knew this? I don't know, but what I do know is that's she's never wrong. I believe her, I believed Somi was in trouble.
We reached her house and I cold see smoke and orange flames inside. Hyeri called 119 on our way to the house, so they should be here soon, but one never knew. We heard something explode. I saw shards of glass fall from the side of the house, from the second floor. I saw black figurs and a white figure standing in the window. I ran to the side and saw Somi falling out the window. I rushed forward, catching her in my arms. The impact, made me lose balance and I fell to the ground with her.
Hyeri ran to us and checked Somi. She wasn't breathing and we couldn't hear a heart beat. I started giving her CPR, trying to get her heart started, trying to get her to breathe. The firefighters and ambulance arrived and they rushed over. Hyeri and I moved out of the way as they checked her vitals, strapped her to a gurney and start the defibrillator. They took her away, Hyeri grabbed a Taxi and we followed behind them.
We get to the hospital and they rushed Somi to the E.R. We weren’t allowed in, we were left alone with our worries, waiting. Hours passed and nothing, no news, no update. We kept asking nurses and doctors and all they would say is they don’t know, they are sorry, they will let us know as soon as they could. They are doing everything they can.
Hyeri and I fell asleep waiting, it was 4 in the morning. I felt like I was floating, I felt warm and cold. I opened my eyes and saw black slowly changing to blue, I was looking up and I saw light shining down on me. I realized I was in water, I didn't feel like I was drowning.
("Tae…Taehyung...") I heard my name being whispered behind me, a sweet calm voice. I turned around and there she was, floating. Her beautiful hair dancing around her face, her big eyes filled with sadness, pain, and …hope?
Somi? I tried to voice, no sound came out of my mouth. I reached out to her, yet all she did was smile at me. It felt wrong. SOMI! I tried yelling her name, panicked. I tried to swim to her, but I couldn't move. I saw black ink tendrils slowly wrap around her legs, crawling up. She didn't fight it. Somi! No! I felt something slithering up my legs. The same tendrils were now wrapping around my legs, pulling me down. Now I felt like I was drowning. There was a pressure on my chest and I no longer saw Somi. Panic and terror surrounded me. I called for help, water filled my mouth. I fought and fought, but couldn't escape, couldn't swim up for air.
I heard a splash and felt a hand grab my arm, pulling me up, saving me. I tried to see my savior, but I woke. Bright hospital lights blinded me. I felt cold and sweaty, looking around I saw Hyeri silently asleep. I put my coat over her to keep her warm and I got up to stretch my legs.
I went to the cafeteria to get some coffee. On my way back I almost dropped it. Somi was standing there looking at Hyeri, sleeping. Why in the world did they let her walk around!? Where's the nurses?! Somi turned around and looked at me, she placed he index finger over her lips, silencing me. I rushed over and set the coffee down. Somi had bandages on her neck arms and legs. Her hair was wild and slightly messy, still pretty though, and she rocked the hospital gown. She sat down next to Hyeri and motioned me to sit next to her, I did.
"How are you feeling?" I asked.
She flashed smiled at me and brought her hand to my eyes, closing them. When I opened my eyes again to ask what she was doing, she was gone, everyone was gone. I was alone in the hospital, there was not even a sound, just loneliness and more fear once again. I felt someone touch my arm and I jolted awake. Hyeri looked at me worry.
“You were having a nightmare.” She said patting my arm. “ It’s okay now.” She must have felt my emotions…Thank goodness it was just a dream, just a dream…
“Oh, the doctor said Somi is in the safe zone now, she inhaled to much smoke, but luckily no burns, just a few scratched and bruising they can’t explain. Right now she is resting, but we are allowed to see her now if we want.” I nodded my head, relief sinking on my shoulders.
Both, Hyeri and I walked into the room Somi was in, number 1013. When I saw the number I had a funny sensation form in the pit of my stomach, but I ignored it.
Just like I dreamt her, Somi was covered in bandages. She looked so peaceful lying there on the hospital bed. Looking at her made me think of sleeping Beauty. I looked up at Hyeri and notices her eyes were watery, she grabbed Somi's hand and started apologizing to her. I was confused, but said nothing. Hyeri spoke without looking at me.
"She's been through so much... I should've seen this happened. Why didn't I!?" Hyeri was feeling like it was her fault, but this was nobody's fault, just a freak accident.
"Hyeri noona, don't blame yourself. She's okay, we got to her in time. This isn't your fault." I tried to reassure her. "Whether you saw it before hand or not, you probably couldn't prevent it…"
"No Tae, I could have..." There was a strange fierce emotion in her eyes as she looked at me.
"How?" I asked.
"If I had seen it I wouldn't have left her alone. When she is alone is when she gets hurt..." I was lost. "There's something you don't know about her, Tae…and it's not my secret to share... all I can say is she can't be alone."
I stared at Somi and wandered what secret Hyeri is talking about, what it is that Somi may be hiding and why she can't be alone.


I felt like lead, all heavy and icky. I slowly opened my eyes and rubbed them. Taehyung was at my side sleeping in a chair. The room was dim and cold. I hate hospitals... The temperature of the room dropped, I felt chills. It felt like millions of tiny spiders ran up my arm to my neck and down my back. I closed my eyes tight not wanting to see. I covered my ears not wanting to hear, but of course that would not help.
“HELP, SAVE ME, see me. Don’t ignore me, why did I die?! I can’t be dead. Tell them I’m not! Why he do this, why she do this! Why did this happen to me!”
It's always the same. Millions of lost souls that are stuck in limbo, that died in the hospital, always find me. They all speak at once saying the same things, wish for answers that I don’t have. I don’t think I could ever get use to them, but sometimes I won’t notice them when I zone out. It’s for those reasons that I daydream a lot and look mean or serious at times, because I’m escaping to my own world inside my head. They got louder and it started to hurt.
“DON'T IGNORE ME! ANSWER US! HELP US! STOP IT! Wh-" Silence, it all cut off the minute Taehyung grabbed my hands. The minute, second his skin touched mine. I stared at him wide eyes, in disbelief that he made it all go away.
“What, what? Are you okay? Do I need to call the nurses?” He let go and everything rushed back. It felt like a punch. I instinctively reach out and grabbed his hand, holding on tightly. Peace washed over me like a cool wave on a hot summer day. “Ah, wha..?"
“What?” He asked inching closer to hear me.
“No, I’m okay…don’t leave…” I whispered not letting him go. He nodded his head and sat back down in the chair that was next to me.
Hyeri walked in and looked at our hands, she looked at me curiously, thinking, wondering. she had 2 cups of coffee in her hands, one she took a sip of and the other she gave to Taehyung, who grabbed it with his free hand and set it down on the ground. Hyeri said nothing, she sat down on the other chair and got lost in her thoughts. Taehyung looked between me and Hyeri and I wondered if she told him anything.

~Two days later~

“Hyeri…” I sighed “ I'm okay, there is no need for this…” She marched up to me and dropped a box in my arms. “Ow” I was still sore, but Hyeri wasn’t worried about that.
“No, you are not okay and I'm not letting you go back to that burnt up place!” She crossed her arms and gave me her stubborn look. “Tsk, they said it was probably an electric wire that was connected wrong. Ha, yeah right. We both know it was no wire.” She went silent and glanced at the ground with a grim face. I inhale and exhaled.
“Well if I'm going to be leaving here then you at least have to let me pay rent. I can’t just live up here for free.” Since we left the hospital Taehyung had dropped us off at Hyeri’s cafe and then he went home.
We had stopped at my place to see what survived the fire. The whole second floor which was my bedroom was all black, burnt. Only a few clothes that I had on the first floor, in my washer, survive along with my shoes, favorite stuff toy, and art book. I didnt have much. We packed it all up and brought it to the cafe, where Hyeri decide she wanted me to live in the house right above her cafe. It was spacious, 2 bedrooms, one bathroom, kitchen, and living room. She thought it was best for me to live closer to her, practically neighbors. she live behind her cafe. I love Hyeri like a sister, but she worries to much, I hate that I’m the cause of most of her stress.
“Okay, i'll let you pay rent.” She said. “ That's your room by the way, you can put your things in there.” She pointed to a door that was on the left side.
“Okay.” I opened the door and walked in. The room was big and it was already furnished, bed and everything. The walls were painted a light pale green which I liked. I set the box on the bed.
“Oh…there's one thing I forgot to mention…" Hyeri shouted from the living room.
“ What's that?” I said as I walked out my room and straight into someone’s bare chest. Water dropped onto my head and shoulders. I backed up a step and only stared at the torso.
“Oh.” That sounded familiar to my ears. I put my hands up.
“Nobody speak or move.” I spun around so my body would face Hyeri, but my eyes staring off to the side. “Why is there a naked person here?” I pointed blindly behind me. “Especially this person?”
“Well?” I waited.
“You said no to speak.” Hyeri was being sarcastic with me. I glared at her. “See, that's why I didn't want to charge you rent, cause there is someone else living here.
“So you're telling me, you want me to live here, with a man, with him?” I flapped behind me. I heard a deep laugh behind me. I turned to the side to glance at him. Bare chest was all I saw, abs. “Why are you even WET and NAKED!?"
“Haha, I’m not naked, I'm wearing pants and, because I just got out of the shower.” I heard his satori accent slip through.
“Uh-huh…Welp, I'm out!” I headed for the door.
“Where are you going!?” Hyeri shouted. “You have no where to go!?” I stopped in my tracks, she was right. I had no where or money to go anywhere. Shoot!
“Arrrrg….” I growled.
“If you stay here and with him I'll be able to sleep better at night knowing you're not alone and close in case of anything.” Hyeri’s voice sound aged suddenly, I looked at her and I could now see how stress and worn she was. I gave in.
“Fine, I stay here, but YOU better not touch anything of mine, especially mah FOOD! Got it?” I pointed to Taehyung, who still didn't put a shirt on. He just laughed and nodded his head in response. I stormed off into my room, slamming the door shut and locking it. I through myself onto my bed and groaned.

At least it was quiet, for now…

Well that's it for now. Hope you enjoy it, like it.
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