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Who:Reader x Do Kyungsoo What: College AU/ Fluff ....some angst(I can't promise no smut but I doubt it will show up in this story) Chapter 3 Story: You are a famous novelist that has just released your newest book. At a signing you meet your number one fan Do Kyungsoo. His sweet face and big eyes capture your attention and he becomes the object of your next story 'Through paper-glass windows'.
Y/N's POV You paced the floor with Hae-won on the couch. Chanyeol and his lady friend, who was very clearly not his girlfriend, were dressed by now and down the steps. She headed out the door saying goodbye to you in slight shame but trying to be a little respectful. "What the hell was that Chanyeol?" you said with bottled anger. You started pacing the floor, Chanyeol had picked up his daughter. Lifting her in his arms and giving her a kiss on her cheek. "I didn't expect you home so soon." he said. "Chanyeol do you not understand what I just walked in on you doing? With your daughter crawling around no less." "Calm down and just let me explain." he said. You were pacing the floor in even shorter strides. You were slightly panting the sign of your panic attack beginning. "Y/N, stop pacing you know what happens when you do that." Chanyeol said calmly. "What if she fell and hurt herself? What if she - got -hurt?" You shook your head. Gruesome images from the past coming back. "Y/N you need to breathe." Chanyeol said. "I-can't." You were trying to catch your breath but you were freaking out. Any time your panic attacks started it was because you couldn't figure out how to express your frustration, it was why you were passive to begin with. If you addressed something it was for brief periods and it didn't go on for long. The worst part about addressing issues was some how your brain connected everything back to the accident that killed your mother. You were in the back seat and her blood had covered you, you were only seven. Your father was gone, he'd left you and Chanyeol a long time ago. He didn't even stay around very long when you were born. When your mother died, Chanyeol took care of you. He looked out for you. You two were adopted by some very nice people but Chanyeol always got into fights with your foster father. Whatever happened between them, you didn't know but Chanyeol had become reckless since her death. However, when you needed him to help you, he was there. The one thing that you always hated though was through out the years, he told you to just forget about her. She was gone. The incident happened fourteen years ago but still you could remember the image of her half face covered in blood. You were covered in hers as well and that was what caused you to have panic attacks. You never properly dealt with it, for about a year after words you were just a weird kid that didn't talk to anyone. You stayed to yourself as you grew up and started writing to escape so many things. In China Prince, you described a moment where Lu happened to see her mother get shot and killed which resulted in her being sheltered at her father's home. The description of that scene alone took up about a page and a half. It would've taken no more than a minute or two to read but it took you a full week to write it because it reminded you so much of what you had seen. Chanyeol kept your panic attacks at bay. He knew how to stay calm even when you were freaking out. "Y/N just remember to breathe okay. Stop pacing you'll make it worse" Chanyeol said. The pacing did make it worse, you didn't know why but you always started losing your breath more. Chanyeol set his daughter down and walked behind you. He wrapped his arms around your waist and brought you into a back hug. He kept you in one place but he rocked you from side to side. He said calmly, "Y/N you need to breathe. Come on breathe in, two, three. Out, two three." This was a perfect way to end a day, you lose your control. Chanyeol kept rocking you back and forth reminding you how to breathe. Settling you down until your breathing was in order and you were calm. "Are you calm now?" he asked. You didn't answer, you just stepped away from him. He placed a hand on top of your head. "Sorry, I just got a little stressed out today." he said. That wasn't a good enough reason for him to be sleeping with a stranger in your house. It wasn't a good reason for him to leave Hae-won downstairs on her own. There was so much that could hurt her if she was unsupervised. You pulled him away from you and said goodnight. "Y/N." he said. Your pace quickened and you went to your study. You ruffled your hair, you wanted to scream but that was too much. You brought out paper, writing ideas out quickly. Definitely a castle, a high castle, a prince that came to see a princess. The windows... so fragile simply touching them would make them break. The prince couldn't touch the princess. Touching her would make her break. Her fears, her worries, her pain.... No the prince would be like Kyungsoo. You erased that part, the princess watched this prince through the windows she'd be scared and distant but long to speak with him. She watched him walk in their garden from the window.... How were you going to bring them together? You thought back to earlier that day, you were very open with how you liked Kyungsoo. You weren't the type to do that though he had an overwhelming effect over you. You were a nice person both genuinely and artificially. You forced politeness for the sake of your job even when some people scared you, even when some people annoyed you. You were polite even in high school when people made fun of you for living in your fantasies. The best part of being a writer was controlling the world you wrote. Someone who was as articulate as you and graduated at the top of your class, one would've expect you to be well liked and have everything together. You mostly did but you never had a boyfriend, you were twenty-one living alone in a penthouse far too big for one person, which was the reason you didn't mind Chanyeol coming over so much. You didn't have to entertain him but just having other bodies in your place was nice. Then there was your minor panic attacks when you couldn't handle something. Being late for interviews and signings was less stressful than dealing with conflict or troubling emotions. You faked your kindness towards Jongin's drunk behavior which you only partly believed he was actually drunk. Every inch of kindness and flirtatious behavior you aimed towards Kyungsoo was pure though. It was mostly unintentional, you just kind of did it without thinking. His sweet face drew you in to him. He was the type of guy you dreamed about cuddling up next to at night under the stars. He was the kind of guy you wrote about, the one that made your heart flutter a little and made you smile uncontrollably. He read your books, he was excited you were using him as a character, he wasn't very forward when it came to affection but maybe you made him nervous. Although, the pressure he put against your lips is where your mind floated back to as you continued to write down on the paper ideas of what to do with this story. There wasn't a complete idea of what you wanted to do you were just writing, scribbling ideas you knew you weren't going to use later but it helped get everything out. Suddenly, you just stopped writing; you stared at your desk for a second and then looked at your window. You walked over to it and looked out of it. The city below you was still awake and didn't seem like it was in a hurry to sleep. The height of your penthouse gave you the perfect view of the world below. Your story Under clouds was written with this view in mind. It was the first story you'd ever written that was solely meant to be terrifying. It spoke more on your idea of the cruelty of humanity. The story was a science fiction book with demons and human guardians. A guardian losing the will to fight for humanity because of the evil they had seen but some how met the right person that restored all their faith in humanity. That book was a movie and audience loved it as a stand alone movie but those that had read your book and watched the movie said the movie didn't do the book enough justice. You watched the movie once, it was interesting but the writer seemed to get rid of some of your most important points. As a movie, it was good but as a movie based off of a book, it was slightly disappointing. Most movies that became books were. It was mainly the reason why you didn't want your recent book becoming a movie but your company would get you to sign off on it anyway. The feeling you got looking at the world below and then noticing your reflection in the window made you feel incomplete and fragile..... Maybe that's what this book should be about. You turned back to your desk to sit down and balled up the paper your wrote on and tossed it in your waste basket. There would be more to follow after that. You needed something to focus on. Your phone buzzed on the table alerting you to a text you got. You smiled when you saw it was from Kyungsoo. Instantly an entirely new side of you came out. You giggled at your phone, he asked to take you to Palace. Did he choose that because he saw what your wrote by his name? Either way you wanted to go so you texted back: Y/N: Sure I'll make sure my schedule is clear. What time would you like me to meet you? He answered back after a minute or two. Kyungsoo oppa: Is eight good? Y/N: Perfect. See you then. You thought the conversation was over when he sent you another text. Kyungsoo Oppa: Sorry for kissing you so suddenly..... I should've waited. You laughed. Y/N: Waited for what? Kyungsoo Oppa:....A perfect moment. You smiled down at your phone. A perfect moment huh? That's something nice to think about. Y/N: Maybe you'll get a perfect moment on Friday. Goodnight Oppa! You definitely liked him.... Chanyeol's POV Chanyeol had a rough childhood along side Y/N. He never knew how to properly take care of Y/N after she witnessed their mother's death. She was seven and he was eleven. When he saw her in the hospital, after his neighbor drove him there to see her, she was covered in blood from head to toe and he didn't know what to do. As her big brother, he wanted to be strong for her. He wiped her face and calmed her down while she cried. Her breathing was erratic so he took her emotions away. He told her to block it out and find something else to think about. He counted for her to breathe. He sat behind her and held her close and rocked her until she stopped crying and her breathing smoothed over. She never functioned well after that. She was quiet and alone, small things would trigger her panic attacks, when she started pacing the floor was the first indication she was going to have one. He always told her to stop thinking about it or move on from it because she was gone. He wanted her to block out the memory as if it were never there. It killed him that she had seen it with her own eyes, every night she woke up screaming in horror had chilled him. Still he played the brave brother that took care of his younger sister meanwhile he was trying to figure out how to function himself. He never saw his mother's body, he was told it was too disfigured and he shouldn't see it. It should've done him good but it only made him wonder what did his mother look like. Y/N couldn't get it out of her head. Then at one point she started writing. It wasn't that she got better, she just suppressed it. She blocked her negative emotions out more. She was more human in her writings then she was in person for a long time. In highschool, things were a bit more rough for her. A lot of people treated her like a weirdo because she kept to herself. She made a few friends and became happier later on though, Chanyeol had noticed. When her first book, Singing Bapsae, got released she was proud of herself and the smile she had seemed to be the first sign that there was life in her. Before she seemed to be going through motions like a human should. When she couldn't deal with the emotions she had, she'd have a panic attack. She was incapable of confronting people when she had a problem with them she turned into herself. She still did but as an adult... She was more alive. She smiled more often, she had fun, it seemed like she had moved on. Until her next panic attack settled in. She had grown up to be responsible though, despite having gone through such a traumatic experience, she graduated top of her class, she was a successful writer and she's so nice to people she doesn't even know. It didn't take much for Chanyeol to see though that she still felt like she was missing out on something. As long as her mother's death stayed in her head, she'd always be slightly off. She had no real way to break off from it so she was searching for her own cure. Y/N saw Chanyeol as more of a rebellious kid, which was partly true but he was also just trying to find ways to deal. Not just with the pain of losing his mother but Y/N didn't know they had separate fathers and Chanyeol recently found out where hers was. So he'd done his best to keep his foster parents from seeing or talking to her about him. He didn't want that guy coming to meet her. Y/N was like a damaged puppy, the slightest reminder of her past trauma and she started panicking. He actually didn't know what started her attack this time. Yes, she did see him having sex but how could she even link it to the accident? Maybe it was Hae-Won. Her house wasn't child friendly and he honestly knew better than to just leave his baby daughter roaming on the bottom floor alone but he didn't think she would get into enough trouble while he blew off some steam. The reason he was stressed out was because not only had his girlfriend broken up with him earlier that day but she was leaving him for Lu Han. He knew those two were sleeping together behind his back. Her leaving him for Lu was all the confirmation he needed. He didn't like the idea of her trying to take Hae-Won from him. He loved his daughter, as a father, he didn't always make the best decisions but he did take care of her and he did love her. To top it off Y/N's father had come back looking for her. His foster parents wanted to help them reconnect. As much as they loved Y/N and thought of her as their daughter and even him as their son, they both believed Y/N had a right to meet him. It had to be her decision but how was she supposed to decide if she didn't know he wanted to see her? That guy couldn't just waltz back into her life after twenty one years of neglect. He didn't even show up when child services called him. He walked out on her before she was a year old as far as he was concerned he was doing Y/N a favor. He only slept with that girl to release some stress of his own. That's how he dealt with his emotions. He smoked, got into fights and he had sex. When things hit the fan, he was taking off his pants and getting some chick to go down on him. He could see it in the way Y/N looked at him that she didn't approve but again she wasn't the type to voice negative emotions. He had to drive Hae-won back to his girlfriends place. When she opened the door, he saw Lu han sitting on the couch. The way his fist balled up made his knuckles go white. He didn't say a word to her. He kissed his daughter and left the house. He was looking for a job, he lost his last one and he was sleeping in his car when he wasn't staying at Y/N's place. He got into arguments with his foster father about that too. He claimed he was using her but he wasn't, not on purpose. Or rather not to be a soul sucking asshole he just needed help. He had gotten most of life straight. He stopped smoking, he fought less and he didn't get sloppy drunk to the point that he passed out. Both siblings held onto that painful part of their past or maybe it was the past holding onto them.... He stopped by Y/N's place on Friday morning. He'd given her a few days to calm down, when he walked into her penthouse he saw her in a sweater like dress. She had a brown thin belt wrapped around her waist. The long sleeves to her dress ran all the way to the middle of her palm. She had black leggings on. Her brown hair had been curled and pinned up on the front half on just one side. Her editor was sitting on the couch looking at her as Y/N smiled big, the tip of her fingernail in her mouth. She was twisting her back and forth like a child told to stay still but couldn't completely stop moving. Her giant smile didn't waver for a second, the morning sun allowing itself in the room lit her up from the side making her look almost angelic. "What's she all cheesy about?" Chanyeol asked walking in with a smile. She smiled at him then looked back at the ground. "She was asked out by a boy so we're trying out looks for her tonight." Soo- Young said. smiling at Y/N's giddy face. He didn't even know she could smile like that. That was an even brighter smile than when she first got published. "You think he'll like it?" she asked. "Yeah, besides sweetie he likes you. He'd like you even if you showed up wearing a whipped cream dress with a banana as a hat." Soo-young said. "You know people say a lot of weird things about my sister in front of me but honestly that statement right there has to be the weirdest." Chanyeol said. "You look beautiful Y/N." He finished. "Thanks Oppa!" she said excited. She was still smiling hard with a blush on her face. Who was the guy that asked her out? She must really like him to be this happy. Then again, this would be her first date....
Aaawwweeeeee!!!!!!! Some backstory on our charaters!!!!! Now I wanna know what happened to their mother and father(s)?
I'm hooked.
Ohhhhh....I wanna see the date.