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This is for @BBxGD I'm sad that I didn't get to know you in person. I'm sad that you didn't get married to GD. I'm sad that a wonderful woman like you is in trouble. I'm said that I'm here and you are there. I wish I could give you a hug and tell you it's okay. or hold your hand until my arms falls off. I was happy to know you was a mother. know I have a fandom mom in the family. I love that you liked my stories when I didn't. I love that when you are down you keep fighting. I hope one day I can meet you and tell you. you are my hero to me. you are the person that made me open up. you are the person that said don't give up. you are the person that told me that my writing is good but still need work. you are my hero and I hope that you pull through so our kids can play and listen to kpop. I hope one day you can marry gd and live a happy life. please don't give up keep fighting becasue you got more battles to come and you will always win. I love you and I'm praying for you.
@Helixx please give her a hug for me and kept me updated please and thank you.. Please out prayers to this amazing woman... @AimeeH @amandamuska @Emealia @Thepinkprincess @KellyOConnor @BBxGD @MichelleIbarra @Bitterlimelight @KpopGaby @Kpopandkinchi @AimeeH@amandamuska@BBxGD@Thepinkprincess@Emealia@Bitterlimelight@MadAndrea@AmoBigBang@SabrinaSakura@Amberg171997@UnnieCakesali@AmberRelynn@Lilbr0wneyes@BTSgotshinee@dayashel@CreeTheOtaku@Destiny1419@DominiqueThomas@KpopandKimchi@SugaonTop@B1A4BTS5EVER@Tinaechle@Scarletmermaid@Elisa@PretttyPatriciaS@Jen19gar94@Roxy1903@SarahVanDorn@moonchild03@Originalijacqui@Kyokeo@Saraoritiz2002@SierraBecerra@thatoneoutcast@oann99@zinzin123@Hurdkpop@KpopGaby @amandamuska @@AimeeH @@Thepinkprincess @Emealia @BBxGD @PrettieeEmm @VIPFreaks2NE1 @yaya12 @@ninjamidor @QueenaLee @amobigbang @KwonOfAKind@RedChord@AmberFranco@SierraBecerra@Lizzie26@Jupnoor@SugalessJams@AndreaImnida@JessicaFigueroa@Twistedeto@merryjayne13@MsLoyalHeart@SarahVanDorn@Karinajune1017@Orihemay@NiahriTaylor@Sammie9952@Sassymaknae@Koinii
This is wonderful. I'm sure she'll love reading this. Hopefully she'll be up to checking Vingle soon.
@Helixx I cant wait I really was scared for a min