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HEY HEY HEY EVERYONE! Here is Chapter 14!Enjoy! :) I also wanted to remind everyone that I upload the next chapters on my WattPad first and then on Vingle the next day. So if anyone wants to read ahead, I will put down my WattPad Info below :)


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Reader X Jackson


Foul Language


Link----› Lets begin with the chapter!
JUNGKOOK'S POV As JungKook got back to his hyung’s, everything that had happened at Y/N's place sunk in. He had no idea y/n didn't know about Jackson and Got7. He felt so guilty outing him out, but it was an accident. How was he supposed to know? Ariana didn't mention that. Now he knows it was a plan she had all along. "Hyung, I think I messed up" JungKook says to Rap Mon. "What do you mean?" He responded. "Noona Ariana asked me to do a favor and I think I messed it up." JungKook says looking down to the ground. Rap Monster came up to the maknae and sat down in front of him. "Speak. What did she ask you to do?" He asks. JungKook talked and talked about what he had to do. Talk to a girl named y/n, getting her to fall for him and then have sex with her. Namjoon's eyes widened at the last part. He didn't believe Ariana would go that far but she did, and she used his roommate and bandmate. This got him really angry. "JungKook...Did you umm..have sex with her?" Rap Monster asked. JungKook couldn't answer. He was ashamed and embarrassed with what he did. Rap Monster or Namjoon was furious. Not with JungKook but with Ariana. "I'm sorry hyung, I didn't know what came over me. I didn't want to do it but... But I couldn't control my hormones. Plus I was scared what Ariana would do to me if I didn’t follow through..." JungKook says with his head hanging down. "Namjoon, JungKook, Food is read-" Jin started to say but didn't finish once he saw JungKook in tears. "What's going on here? Namjoon what did you do to our maknae!" He continued but angry. "Jin hyung, Namjoon hyung did nothing to me.. It was someone else." JungKook spoke. "It was Jimin wasn't it, what did that boy do now? Did he touch yo- My God if that boy doesn't control his hormones for you, I wil-" "No, no hyung it wasn't him either.." JungKook said cutting Jin off. Jin was now confused. "Then who was it?" He asks sitting next to Namjoon. Both Namjoon and JungKook looked at each other. "Is someone going to say anything? Why is my baby crying?!" Jin continued. Namjoon took a deep breathe and told Jin what happened. How Ariana tricked JungKook and how he ended up having sex with Y/N in the end. Jin's eyes widened. "WHAT!" He yelled. "Shhhh!" Namjoon says covering his mouth. "The guys are going to hear!" He whispered yelled. The rest of the guys heard and we're now curious as to why Jin yelled. "What's going on in here?" Hoseok asks. Namjoon let go of his hand from covering Jin's mouth. "Well it's too late now, they're all here." Namjoon says. "It's nothing boys, go back to eating." Jin says. "If it's nothing, then why is JungKook in tears?" Yoongi says. "WHAT! MY KOOKIE WAS CRYING?" Jimin yells as he runs to JungKook's side hugging him. JungKook blushed at his silly hyung’s move. "Jin hyung, what is going on? Why was our maknae crying?" Yoongi says. Everyone walked inside and sat on the floor waiting for Jin to reply. Jin sighed but told them what happened. Jimin gasped at what Jin said but he did not expect to hear the last part. Everyone looked over at Jimin since they all knew he has a thing for JungKook. JungKook looked over at him and noticed that Jimin had let go of him. Jimin was hurt that he had sex with someone, but then again JungKook wasn't his. "Um.. I need to use the restroom." Jimin said as he stood up and walked away. JungKook sighed knowing well enough that he had hurt his hyung. "I need to talk to him, " He says standing up going after Jimin. ~~~~~~
JACKSON'S POV After Y/N had slammed the door on Ariana, Jackson went up to hug her. She said she needed time to take everything in so Jackson left and went back to his apartment. "Hey Jackson," Mark says. "Hey Mark," He replied back. "Are you alright? You seem a bit off?" Mark asks Jackson. Jackson sat next to Mark and told him what had happened today. Mark sat there listening and was shocked with everything. "She slapped her?!?!" Mark asks and laughs. "Yeah she did. I was shocked when she did that. Even though Ariana saw me inside, she still denied everything but y/n just kept going at her," Jackson replied. "Man, I wished I would have been there to see all that go down," Mark says. Jackson chuckled. "I knew you were going to say that," Jackson said. "Well, at least she knows now right?” Mark says looking at Jackson. “Yeah, that’s true. I feel calmer about it now that she knows,” Jackson replies. “That’s ,good, now you won’t be stressing about it,” Mark says. Jackson nodded finally feeling relieved about the situation. Now he just had to wait until Y/N was ready to talk to him again. ~~~~~~ Y/N POV After Ariana and Jackson left, I went to the kitchen to grab a cup and a bottle of wine from my cupboard. I made my way to the living room and sat down to drink. So many things have happened today. It was too much for my brain to handle at once. I was proud of the fact that I slapped Ariana for everything she has done to me. My mind went back to me having sex with JungKook. Not going to lie, for a maknae, he was really good. I felt horrible with what I have done. I hope JungKook doesn’t get an idea that we can work out. Even though he’s my bias from BTS, I don’t want to hurt him. Then again, he was here because of Ariana. “Son of a bitch, he played me too!” I yell out in frustration. I drank my wine not thinking about the consequences of the next day. My own bias played me. I was hurt: I thought he was different from the other guys but clearly I was wrong. I saw I was finished with the bottle so I went to get another one. Once I had it in my hands, I went back to the living room to sit down. *Knock Knock* I turned around to the door thinking who it may be. *Knock Knock* I heard the knock again. I got up, making my way to the door opening it to see the whole group of BTS standing in front of my door. What in the hell… “Noona, we need to talk.” JungKook says while the rest of them looked at me. Oh lord, now what…

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I started reading, then realized I need to start from the beginning. I don't think I've read this one.
hehe oh oh. :)
can i just say I totally love the JacksonXReader whole story line so far but I'm sorry Jin's line "who hurt my baby!?" takes the cake for this chapter!♡♡♡♡ tooo cute that mother hen Jinny boy 😍😍😍
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Your Welcome! I am glad to hear that you look forward to my stories it makes me super happy :) and yeah I was smiling the whole time I wrote those Parts Lol but yeah I know how you feel on that last part it made me sad when I wrote it too! 😥
Oh boy....who gets to take care of a drunk Noona??? I actually think it would be Jin, as he's the mothering type.
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Wahh Jimin. Don't kill me
hehehehe it's Jimin he always kills 😭