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The black reaper known as Hei from Darker then Black ( those who actually knows his name).
I always love Hei and I always love the way he fights. Being a Contractor he has a special ability and a star ( which is molecular/ electricity manipulation and BK-201 as his star). He also good in hand to hand combat and have amazing speed. Not to metion on the end of his kinfe there is a wire with a carabiner attached to it. Which helps him in every battle he goes into.
That's day 10 next is favorite mech anime.
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I love this anime! one of the few that i make time to rewatch. Have you watched darker than black ryuusei no gemini?
it's one of my favorites. I haven't watch ryuusei no Gemini yet.I got busy and had to cut my anime watching( got to love family) but I heard it's good too and I just brought it as well.