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A/N: OKAY!! This is the last of my Angst shorts the next is either Got7 Angst or BTS Fluff but I am not entirely sure yet but hopefully you look forward to my next updates. Also Prince of Seoul should be ending soon!! Please look forward to it. I AM ALSO VERY SORRY FOR THOSE WHO HAVE ASKED TO BE TAG AND DUMB ME FORGOT UNTIL I WENT THROUGH THE COMMENTS ON MY STORY REALIZING MY MISTAKE. Summary: I guess I loved you more... Jimin Jhope Rapmon Jungkook Suga Jin
I dropped the coffees as I saw from a distant was Taehyung kissing another girl. I knew something was wrong when he stopped texting me they way he used too. I knew something was wrong when he would talk to me so coldly. I walked over to him but the way my heart thumped I felt as if though I was running towards him at full speed. When I finally got to him I was out of breath, "Kim Taehyung...please tell me you aren't..." He then held the girl's hand tighter. "Why don't we just get this over with...Y/N...I'm done with you. I just can't get myself to love you the way I did." I didn't know I had started crying if it wasn't for the drops of tears warming up my cold cheeks. "I don't understand...I..." He sighed steam coming out of his mouth from the cold air,"You didn't do anything it was just a change of heart. When I met Eun Ae I fell in love at first sight... I realized that it wasn't you...that was meant for me I'm sorry." He then walked away as the girl looked at me with pity in her eyes. When I got home I took off my scarf and jacket and crawled into my bed. I looked at the picture by my bedside. Then I looked at the engagement ring on my finger. --2 YEARS EARLIER-- "Y/N Will you make me the happiest man on earth and marry me?" I looked down at Taehyung when my visioned blurred from the tears of joy, "Of course!" He smiled slipping the ring onto my ring finger as he kissed me," I love you more than anything..." I smiled as I kissed him,"And I love you more." He then stuck his tongue out,"No I love you more." I rolled my eyes and we burst out laughing as I took a picture. --PRESENT-- I laughed to myself and started to cry once again the pain of losing Taehyung hitting every inch of me, "No I love you more..." I said burying my face on my pillow as I continued to cry out.

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Ow my heart 😭😭😭
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@hobiesactualgf its ok 😭❀️
Ouch!!! My heart breaks!
im so sorry πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜­
omg my heartu 😭😭😭 andwae!!! taehyung! ya kim taehyung how dare you! and that beash has no right to give me pity look! if she did she would not hve gone out with my so called bf in the first place! ugh i need a second part to all these man fuck my heartu! 😭😭😭😭