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Kira's the man.
yeah<3 chaotic exotics mwahahahhaha xD <3 its the Creative Way of life xD and every Chaos has a certain Way of Order xD so when you consider that we are just People with a Special way for Organisate Things xD
@Daggy hahahaha the demonic circle of laziness and chaos, I am also caught in it hahaha xDDD Maybe we can console each other in the thought that we are not alone in this trap xD
hahah since i am a chaotic person anyways yeah xD i have problems to organize even the smallest things hahahah xD ( and i am to lazy to change that hahaha) xD
hahaha @Daggy oh, if only life would be perfect xD is your life going in a chaotic direction right now xD?
lol xD hahhaha i wish everything would work out fro me like it does everytime for light hahah (well expect his death) OTL xDD