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Big Hit had recently just released a short film video entitled 'WINGS Short Film #1 BEGIN' as a teaser for an upcoming 2nd Full Length album 'WINGS'. INFO:
Source: (x) Cr:bangtanitl More Info about WINGS short film #1 BEGINS
BTS Rap Monster also read the book 'Demian' by Hermann Hesse last year , INU era.
(.....time to get this book XD)
What did you guys think of WINGS Short Film?? Comment down below 🙌🏼

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Who's excited for more?? I know I am!! 😻😭
I tried to find the book but there were so many results when I looked it up so I was like ok I'll figure it out later then😕
this is something I must find its intriguing and beautiful. BTS and Big Hit really know how to draw you in and leave you wanting
It's interesting