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Art by surfacage✨

Noire - "Why the f*** is your Wartortle named Chapstick?" Spark - "Uhh, I had chapstick in my pockets when I caught it..." Noire - "I can't believe you're a team leader."
I love this keep making more
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this is even funnier cause I came across one of these that a buddy of mine found on FB where the 3 leaders are kids catching there first Pokémon,.blance and the valor leader catch eevees and he comes running over yelling "Guys! Guys! I caught my first pokemon! Its a Fearow!" and then he lets it out and you see the yellow zapdos glow on their faces as their just thats not a fearow spark. Its Hilarious!
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Donglord. DONGLORD. 😂😂 This man will be the death of me.
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it's not as worse as naming a worturtle chapstick
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*goes into a fit of giggles*
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