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Know your apples and choose one that suits your palate and your mood! :D
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@miranpark88 oh I didn't even see the cooking signs lol thanks for the info!
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Ahhhh, Honeycrisps!!!! It's finally the season for them again! I had to wait months for you, but now you're back. ლ(́♥ᴗ♥‵ლ)
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My favorite for eating fresh are honeycrisp! They're awesome.
4 years ago·Reply
Love Granny Smith and Red Delicious!
4 years ago·Reply
@YinofYang @GarrusVakarian omg those are my faaaavorite!!! and a year after this was posted it's just about time for apples again XD are honeycrisp really good for baking? I've never heard of that but they're my fave anyway so sounds awesome!
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