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Hello everyone! So the other day (i mean night) i finished the first season of stranger things and it really amazes me like totally blew my mind so here's some of my thought about stranger things :)
These two are my favorite characters. Dustin is a little angel from heaven, he's the one that make this series less serious, you know why i love him if you watch the series. And Eleven, she had a sad past because she was held as a prisoner and they've done some experiment on her, at first i kinda feel sad about her and the ending makes me feel even worse, but her peronality is one of a kind, and she's one of the key role in the series.
this is the scene that cracked me up so badly that i woke my brother while he was sleeping.
There's so many things that i like about the show and feel free if you want to discuss something with me. And also there's one theory that really awesome, it says that eleven was actually the monster because at first when eleven had a contact with the monster they were at this dark place where you can't see anything besides her and the monster, but it's like demogorgon that has two head, eleven is the good one and the other one is the shadow of it and that explains why eleven vanished into thin air in the season finale because like i've said before, she is the monster, but hey it's just a theory and i dont really know if it'll turn out to be true or not. One thing for sure though, i really hope eleven will return in season 2.