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So the first short film was called Begin and our favorite maknae Jungkook appeared it in. Now, we have the second short featuring Jimin this time. Personally, these videos are leaving more questions than answering them, trying to understand what is going on and what everything means. Nonetheless, the videos are getting more and more impressive as each of them are getting released. I think it's safe to say there will be at least 7 short films, one member in each of them. What do you think about the second short film? P.S. I know many people started formulating their own theories so what is yours towards part two of the Wings video?
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So far I havent came up with any theories but I researched a little At 1:58 it says: 길을 알려줘, 날 좀 멈춰줘, 날 숨쉬게 해줘 these are exact lyrics from run nd it roughly translates to "Please guide me, Please stop me, Please let me breathe" At 2:10 it says: 내 안에 갇혀 난 죽어 있어 these are exact lyrics from Save M  and it roughly translates to "I'm trapped inside of myself and I'm dead"
Very Interesting! Thanks again