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OK so yesterday and today BTS released short films in this WINGS series. The first one features Kookie and in it you see a glimpse of a car coming towards (which I'm assuming relates to the way he appeared to die in I Need U) and you see a painting set on fire (which I think has to do with Suga and the way he appeared to die in I Need U)
In the second one Jimin is throwing around a pillow, he falls in a tub, and there is a glass of pills (all things relating to his and Hobie's apparent deaths in I Need U)
I have no idea what these short films mean for the previous stories and theories, but a lot of people are mentioning the four circles and saying maybe this has to do with the subgroup they've been hinting at. I just hope there will be answers at the end of all this.
All I can say is I'm excited BTS is coming out with new things to see their beautiful faces and hear their amazing and talented voices lol. I also heard they are working on their next full length album!! So that will be very exciting. What do you guys think about all this??
theory: they didn't die. we did
@leilakyrsten lol yea but I also heard theories that Fire was supposed to be them going back and undoing everything, so that's why I say things like "aparently" lol because no one knows what BigHit has planned for us lol they just like to torment us
theory: everyone is dead..