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If I were to be honest, I would probably be the one saying "Please don't kill me" because I'm not that strong to be able to defeat it.

**Comment who you would be**

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I honestly would say "Do what uou feel you must becouse I'll return to the creator (God) and live in beauty until I'm ready to come for another lesson I should be learning but you dispite a moment of gratifacation that you killers feel when you take anothers life eventually you too will die and given your line of work I wouldnt bank on a retirement plan
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me I'm the one guy that rushes in before anyone else
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im the secret weapon. Appear as if I'm weak and say, "Please don't kill me." And then out of no where i whoop ass! Who am i kidding. 55% Im scared to die no matter what.
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BRING IT ON!!!! *dies instantly*
a year ago·Reply
bring it on bossy!*starts running away* all according to plan!
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