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I'm broken I know little bits of me scattered I know walls built around me towers higher than skyscrapers locked doors tiny windows oceans around me I know but I broke my walls down for you I picked up shattered glass pieces for you I opened my doors let down my hair emptied the oceans for you and deep inside beneath the once shattered dreams beneath the empty corridors beneath the waves and wind and darkness I buried a key just for you more precious than silver refined by shadows of death it leads to still waters and pastures of rest my heart is not a trap the thorns are those of a rose my pain is not a net the tears are those of new hope my scorched shell is not empty the specs of dust are tiny pearls my tattered soul is not in debt it's humble, meek and whole my love is not a wreck it's sincere it's wise it's honest it's gentle it's kind it's silent at times but even in moments of complete and utter tranquility it shines in the heavens as it shines in my eyes