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First: Everything was white with the exception of the picture and camera on the table. Reminds me too much of a hospital. Second: Jimin is actually in a hospital now. Wait sounds familiar right. Well yeah, because in Run he was admitted to a sparkly white mental facility. There's also the burst pillow that he swings just like in Run with J-Hope. Third: There are a few negative cuts of Jimin dancing. One of them looked like he was possessed. The second one actually reminded me of B.A.P Warrior. It looks like he was choking himself. Fourth: The Tub. I don't need to remind you that all throughout I Need U, he was either in a tub or next to it with water filled to the brim and overflowing. This time he's dancing next to it and them falls in it like Taehyung did in Run. Five: Time was in reverse. The time reversal only dealt with the tub strangely as water that spilled out flowed back into the tub and that's when Jimin fell in. Six: The very beginning shows the picture. If that didn't remind you the Agust D or Joke MV, then I must be bugging out. That picture in itself is very odd as it was the only thing in the room with any form of vibrant color. Seven: Jimin and the apple. Ok so Jimin ends up back at the tapple and he has an apple with him. Before he bit the apple the video shows him glitching like a ghost or possessed human. If you have seen Let's Fight, Ghost that just finished airing, or have ever played Five Nights at Freddy's you will know exactly what I'm talking about. That creepy thing that happens, when the head moves to fast. Eight: The Camcorder. Ok so the whole time that Jimin sits at the table he's being recorded by the camcorder. At some point they flash to the burning bed that was in Begin and then back to Jimin where he gives a smirk to the camera. Now normally, Jimin smirk even the slightest would bust ovaries, however this smirk was evil in nature. Also keep in mind that it came right after the Burning bed. That's probably where the title comes in as maybe Jimin is the one who originally set it and then tried to kill himself with water from feeling guilty. Like Bonnie & Clyde or Jykell & Hyde. You know, Multiple Personality Disorder could be linked in to all of this as well. Basically saying the Jimin as we know him in the HYYH Trilogy could be a total lie.
@leilakyrsten it's finally out as to what the boy meets. go to my profile and look at my latest card.
*boom* that was my mind.. i had a few of the same thoughts.. but a few were ones i never thought about. I MEAN WE STILL DONT KNOW WHAT THE BOY MEETS \_(-~-)_/