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Again, sorry I'm behind with these, still I hope you enjoy!
Leo would be dropped off at your place, and he'd come to your apartment and wait for you by the elevator to see you asap. He'd plan a date of walking, talking, and sight seeing together.
Of course, before anything you guys stop by a cafe and get iced lattes for an added energy kick. You know how much he loves his coffee.
Eventually you'd make your way to the Yangjae Citizens Forest. You both love it there since it's so peaceful and colorful. It's cherry blossom season and it not crowded like Youido, which is a bonus when dating an Idol. not as much a chance to have to run from screaming fans.
While there you would need to leave for a moment to use the restroom, and everytime you came back he'd either be playing with a passing family's little baby or talking to a puppy and it's owner. You appreciate his cute nature, but when you wanted the focus to be on you instead, you'd pout. Then he'd suprise you with a kiss on the cheek or a back hug. He'd say "Mianhae Aegi-ya" and all would be better.
on the walk back home he'd buy both of you snacks and yogurts, and you'd have a hard time not staring at him while he drinks. you love seeing him enjoy his food and drinks. it makes you happy.
Home at last, and you're sad and don't want it to end. So you invite him up to your place for just a little more time together. Of course he agrees. After some time sitting and chatting, he says he has to go. But he pulls you close and kisses your forehead and your palms and eventually your lips, and tells you that you're the best thing in his life. One more embrace and he walks out the door.
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@JaxomB @Helixx @VeronicaArtino I'm really glad you liked it. I really enjoyed putting it together.
why did it heart totally enjoyed it
This is perfect. He would be so sweet and doting with his girlfriend.
Hell yes we enjoyed it! 😆
I'm so glad! ^^
I love watching Leo interact with kids and puppy. I think that's when he's at his cutest.
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