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MCM • Colored Hair Edition✨ Shin-ah💙

The Blue Dragon💙

"I know nothing about his curse,
but his eyes...
are breathtakingly beautiful."
When Shin-ah was born, his mother committed suicide after seeing his eyes, knowing he was the next Seiryuu and was never given a name.
The villagers put a mask on his face because they were fearing of his eyes and isolated him with the previous Seiryuu where they lived apart from the village for many years.
When the older Seiryuu died, Shin-ah was left alone to protect the village, remaining nameless.
He lived tucked away in the farthest corner of the mountain with his only friend, the little squirrel.
Until the day a girl with fiery red hair came to his village, seeking him.
He was reluctant at first, not knowing the purpose of her visit, or the sacred bond between them.
He quickly learned that he could trust Yona and her comrades,
and set out on a journey with them to fulfill the legendary prophecy.
"Blue Dragon, you are my Moonlight."
Shin-ah finally had a name and a family to call his own. For the first time in his life, he had a purpose and he was happy.

Anime • Yona of the Dawn

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i love Yona of the Dawn. and it need to continue!
Love him 😍
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