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Hey guys! I just wanted to make this card to formally kick off my Guilty Crown Challenge (for real this time!)
This is just a refresher page for anyone who wants to participate in the challenge as to what day has what topic and what the rules are! So good luck to everyone and hope you enjoy this!


1) Keep an fanart pics for Monday and Tuesday PG-13 please XD

2) Thursday's pairs are only limited to the canon and semi-canon pairs. No fan ships unfortunately :(

3) Saturday's entries can be openings, endings, or any song that is in the Guilty Crown OST

4) Finally, just have fun with it!


Monday - Favorite Male Character

Tuesday - Favorite Female Character

Wednesday - Favorite Moment

Thursday - Favorite Pair/Ship

Friday - Favorite Episode

Saturday - Favorite Song from the Anime

Sunday - Favorite Weapon


i accept!!😈
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Bring it! 😈
a year ago
I would totally participate, but unfortunately I have yet to watch this anime😭 gomen!
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Well at the pace I'm going, I should catch up on Naruto in about a week, so maybe I'll bump this one onto the list that I plan to continue/ start after that and do this late!
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