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WARNING: Spoilers ahead in this card

So there are a lot of good male characters in GC, so I had a lot of material to choose from when it came to this topic, but the in the end I had to choose one. So rolling in as my Fav Male Character in GC is.......*drumrolls*

Yep! It's the leader of Funeral Parlor himself, Gai Tsustsugami! Gai is my favorite due to his personality of being a calm, cold, calculating, and charismatic leader, the exact opposite of Shu. Plus I LOVE his backstory. Seriously, who else was surprised when we found out that he knew Shu at a young age?

Plus, JUST LOOK AT THAT SEXINESS!! This man is actually my man-crush!!

That does it for Day 1 of my Guilty Crown Challenge! Hope you guys enjoyed it and I look forward to see your posts!

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