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Here is the first installment of my BTOB Virtual Date Series. Enjoy!
First off, He'd want to look cool and cute for you, but mostly cool. He loves to see you caught off guard by his handsome moments.
Today he's decided to take you to the mall. He knows how much you love browsing and seeing cool new things, dreambuilding, and sometimes buying that one thing you can't leave without.
While you stroll together store to store, he always finds something there to use as a prop or gag to make you laugh. He knows just what to do to keep you in stitches too. Just enough to humor you, not enough to humiliate you. He even plays it cool posing on the matress in the room store greasily inviting you to join him. xD
But! He catches you off guard in the bookstore. He gets serious all of the sudden and tells you how irresistible you are, and kisses you in the autobiography section. You're completely caught off guard, and you blush, which makes him totally pleased with himself.
at the end of the day he takes you home and hands you the bag he'd been carrying for you all day. He bought you that pair of shoes you were eyeballing and a random book from the autobiography section so you'd remember your kiss. This time you suprise him with a kiss on the cheek to pay him back. He's still grinning when you finally close the door.

Was that an enjoyable date? Let me know in the comments!

Awww....he'd be sweet to have on a mall date. He'd probably buy you ice cream or a smoothy too.
Oh my goodness! Sungjae would be the perfect date 😍
Mandy!!! This was so amazingly adorable and I totally fangirled over this handsome little f***ker! What a great date.
so glad you liked it!
he such a fluff ball. be careful in bookstores with this one...