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On August 17, actress Ha Ji Won participated in a fan-signing event held at the BAUHAUS Crocodile store in Dongdaemun-gu, Jang An-dong, Seoul. The star was styled in a polka-dot print jumpsuit, navy fedora, and silver bangles. Fans were amazed by Ha Ji Won’s ever blooming beauty and serene smile. In other news, Ha Ji Won will be starring in upcoming MBC drama “Hwatu” which will be a 50-episode drama and will air in October. Ha Ji Won plays the role of Empress Ki of the Yuan Kingdom who was born in Goryeo Kingdom but married to Yuan Emperor Soon Jae. Empress Ki will struggle with balancing the interests of her birthplace with the interests of her new home, and find herself torn between her husband and a new love interest. Joo Jin Mo plays the role of King Chung Hye of the Goryeo Kingdom (after many battles, the Goryeo Kingdom was to become a tributary state of the Yuan Empire) who hopes to free Goryeo from the increasingly burdensome Yuan sphere of influence and falls for Empress Ki.