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You heard the door close and you rushed to look over yourself in the mirror. You had been trying on the new lingerie sets you had gotten to celebrate the end of the promotion for B.A.P s newest song. You popped the bubble that you had been blowing between your teeth.
“Honey, I’m home.” Yongjae said in a lowered voice.
He chuckled under his breath at his own joke as you walked toward the door. You spat out the gum over the trash can and looked up to ready yourself before walking into the hall.
“I brought food.” He said over his shoulder before he started whistling as he pulled off his grey hoodie.
You giggled at his cuteness and he turned around quickly.
“Hey, baby.” You said as the surprise slid off his face and shock took its place.
You snicker at the red that rose up to his checks as he pushed out a sound that you took as a compliment.
Youngjae took his grey zip up hoodie and brought it around your shoulders before he folded it over your breasts. You couldn’t help but to think how dapper he looked in his white collared button down.
“You don’t like it?” You asked as you tilted your head a bit to the side with question.
“No,” he said, pushing out and shaking his hands to defend his action.
“But..” Youngjae struggled to find his words and you found it so charming.
You pushed your hands into the sides of the hoodie and pulled it away from your body.
“But what?” You question as you expose yourself.
Youngjae took on a shocked expression as he rushed to close the hoodie again.
“It’s just…” He stammered while you tired to hold back your smile.
“You can’t eat in this?” He said and you couldn’t help the smile that spread on your face.
“So.” He stressed as he cleared his throat and spun around to grab the take out bag.
“You go get changed and I’ll wait for you in the living room.” He said as he snaked his hand around your waist and pulled you in for a kiss on the temple before he made his way past you.
You huffed. Suddenly not hungry for take out.
You walked to the mirror beside the door that Himchan insisted you buy and situated Yougjaes hoodie over your shoulders. You poked at your hair a bit before you took a deep breath and turned on your heels.
Youngjae looked so precious as he separated what was yours from what was his and organized it on the table. He looked up and met your eyes. His fingers moving toward his mouth as he bit at his nails and his eyes looked you over again and again. You smirk as you start walking over to him.
“Y/N?” He asked as you quickly approach him.
Your hands went to his shoulders pushing him against the sofa as you straddle his legs. A surprised sound came from his lips but you quickly moved your lips to muffle it. You held his face and tilted your head for a better angle.
You hum on his lips as his hands carefully come to your sides. Youngjae moaned into your mouth as your hands slowly made their way across his shoulders and down his chest. He pushed you back as he returned the kiss.
You brake the kiss to watch his reaction as you grind onto his hips. Youngjae bites his lips with a groan as he turns his head and opens his mouth for a silent scream.
You rocked on him again and his hands went to fists. He was hiding his pleasures from you and you were finding it all so alluring.
Your hands go between your legs as you continue to grind on Youngjae. Little moans slipping through his lips every now and then. Your small fingers pop his pant button. Youngjaes hips pushed up against yours and you moaned at his movement as you found his lips again.
His lips were made for yours, you could feel it as you kissed him. Your hand stayed on Youngjaes heat and as you started to palm him, you deepen the kiss further.
Youngjae groans into your mouth and his strong heat pushes against your small hand.
Youngjae kissed you back. With every push of your lips he pushed back. With every flick of your tongue he flicked against yours. You could feel the need coming from his lips. A need for you and it was all you wanted to give him.
Youngjae pushed his waist up again and you take the time to loop around his pants and underwear.
You slide between his legs, breaking the kiss and falling to your knees. Your hands greedily taking his pants and panties down with you.
“Baby,” Youngjae warned weakly and his tone somehow only turned you on further.
Your hand wrapped gently around his hot length and he pushed out a groan from his sweet swollen lips. You hummed at the feeling of him in your hands and Youngjae closed his eyes as his tongue pushed against his lips.
“I haven’t showered.” Youngjae breathed his words with a slight groan.
Youngjae was so self conscious and shy about his exposure. You quickly bite your lip to try not to smile as you watch his cute shifting.
You looked down at his growing erection with question. What could you do to not only taste his sweat? Your thoughts were slightly unladylike, but you didn’t see many other options.
A small tut like sound came from your lips as you lightly spat on Youngjaes heat.
“Shit.” He groaned as his eyebrows pushed up and his hips rocked forward.
You moved your spit up and down his length carefully. After a few strokes your hand had become dryer so you added a little more onto his head.
“Holy shit, Y/N.” He moaned through his heavy breaths.
Apparently he didn’t mind your unladylike manner. In fact it sounded and felt like he was enjoying it.
Soon his entire length was slightly slick and you licked your lips at the sight of his burning cock just inches from your face as you stroked him steadily.
Youngjae groaned at your movements as he pushed back against the sofa. His clothed shoulders landing against the back of the sofa as he reached for his lips with his teeth.
You leaned forward just a bit more and hummed onto his tip. Youngjaes hand came to your hair as he adjusted himself slightly on the sofa.
Youngjaes hips rocked up and you parted your lips to let him enter your mouth. Youngjae groaned at the feeling of your lips around him and as soon as his hips landed back on the sofa you sucked in your cheeks and started moving.
“Oh God, baby.” Youngjae groaned as you steadily took more and more of him.
Youngjae tasted a bit of mint but you knew that was your doing. He throbbed against your tongue and it made you moan around him. He was breathing heavily above you and you could feel when he pushed into the sofa to try not to push into your throat.
You swirled your tongue around the underside of his cock and hummed as you took more of him into your mouth. Your hand twisted on his base where you couldn’t fit him as you sucked slowly to let him feel your cheeks pushing against him again and again. Going just a little tighter each time.
“Oh.” Youngjae drew out his syllable as you continue.
Youngjae sat up a bit and brought his hand to your face. His forefinger resting under you chin. You could feel them slightly shaking as he softly pulled you forward.
You went with his fingers and he groaned as you did. You blink to concentrate before leaning all the way forward and taking him into your throat. It stung a bit and you quickly reminded yourself not to swallow so you wouldn’t gag. But was it worth it. The feeling of Youngjae so deep inside of you was always so amazing.
“Fuck, Y/N.” Youngjae groaned.
His groan fueled you so you pulled back and took him back into your throat. You pull out slowly as you breathe steadily through your nose. Youngjae pushed his hips up softly and you let him push himself into your throat again.
“Ugh, Y/N..” Youngjaes moan was one of the best sounds in the world and you quickly sucked for more.
Taking him a bit harder and a little bit faster. You really wanted him so shake in your mouth, you wanted to him. You pulled your head up all the way to his tip so you could look in his eyes. His neck was pressed against the back of the sofa with his head dangling over but he pulled up to look at you.
His lip was between his teeth. His hair was damp and his hands were in balls beside of his body. You groaned at your image and lowered yourself onto him, letting him hit the back of your throat so you could hear him moan.
“Ahh. Y/N.” He groaned and you hummed around him before breathing through your nose and taking him to the back of your throat again.
Your hips pushed up as your nose touches his tummy. His cock twitched against the side of your mouth and you smile slightly at the victorious sensation.
“Y/N..” The way Youngjae carried out your name was one of the most beautiful sounds in the whole world.
You moaned onto his cock and he cried out a bit. You could feel how much your body wanted him but you knew that if you let him come into your mouth you wouldn’t be able to satisfy that until after the episode and the meal.
With the thought, you slowly pulled up. You made eye contact with Youngjae as you popped him out of your mouth and licked the sides of your cheeks to soothe them a bit. They had gotten a bit sore with all the sucking.
Your lips went to his knees and you kiss his skin before kissing just above that and then switching knees to kiss his other one the same way.
“Baby,” Youngjae groaned softly.
You kiss higher up his body. Making your way to raising and falling chest quickly.
“I was so close.” He pants.
His full voice was coming back to him and he was starting to get comfortable. You wrap your legs around his and reach down to push your panties comfortably out of the way.
“Then let me take you back.” You offered before sinking down onto him.
You moaned as you pushed more and more of Youngjae into you. He was so filling.
Youngjae groans as he brings his hands to your sides to hold you. His nails teasing your smooth skin. You both groaned at the feeling and you leaned onto his chest to kiss his collarbone before rocking your waist up.
You breathed as calmly as you could. Rocking and swaying your hips into Youngjae smoothly to not cause yourself too much pain. The fire for your orgasm was starting to light brighter and you held to Youngjaes shoulder with one hand and the other was in his hair to steady yourself.
You wanted to see as much of his beautiful reaction as you could but he constantly buried his face in your chest along with his noises. You think to move your hips faster and so you do. Hitting down on Youngjae harder and letting him hit that sweet spot inside of you. Your hand in his hair pulled as the one on his shoulder bared down a bit.
“Youngjae.” You moan and he groans beautifully at your sound.
“Youngjae.” You repeat, this time slightly louder.
You could feel how close he was and you knew he was waiting for you. The thought made you smile as you threw your head back and you pull his head into your chest were he let out many moans.
Back and forth, your waist moved and the sound of your body on top of Youngjaes with both of your sounds filled the room. You leaned away further to properly arch your back and Youngjae came closer to support your lower back with his shaky hands and a long groan.
You pull on his hair to meet his eyes and bite your lip at how much sex is written on his face. His droopy eyes were so sexy that you came forward to kiss them softly. You slowed down your hips so that you didn’t kiss him too harshly.
His hands on your sides flexed and grabbed at your flesh as he opened and closed his mouth.
“Y/N.” He said weakly and you knew what he wanted.
You push up on your knees a bit to get to the perfect angle. Youngjaes hands on your sides got firmer, refusing to let you take away his release again. You fall back down onto him with a moan as the angle you made allowed him to touch the bundle of nerves at needed touching the most.
You twist on top of him again and again. Going faster with every hit. You moan loudly at the sensation of moving so quickly over Youngjae. The back of your neck felt sticky but with your quick sharp movements it felt a pleasant breeze.
Youngjae groaned at your new vicious movements. His hands holding tighter to your waist and pull you to meet his small thrusts.
You push back on Youngjaes chest and let him hit the back of the sofa before going quicker. You hear all the groans and moans of your name from his lips as his hands still hold to your waist.
You lean back a bit and hold onto his knees and lower thighs for support. This angle allowed you to arch your back and hear Youngjaes sounds.
“Oh fuck, Y/N.” He groaned loudly.
You bite your lip at his voice. Your head falling back as you feel the bliss soar through your body.
“Y/N. Y/N, please be close baby, please.” Youngjaes voice was so weak and low that it drove you crazy.
You pushed back up as you felt yourself get closer to climax and you lean slightly against Youngjaes shoulders. Youngjae brought his arms around you, they were so hot from the fabric he refused to take off due to shyness.
“Oh, Youngjae.” You moan as white sinks into your vision.
“Come on, Y/N please.” Youngjae begged.
You look down at his sweaty face and loose everything. Your body clenches around him quickly and repeatedly. You moan loudly but keep moving on Youngjae so he can find his release.
His found his release quickly but still held to your form.
“Don’t stop.” He requested so you moved a bit longer on top of him so he could milk himself inside of you.
With a low groan he pushed back onto the sofa and you leaned on his chest to pant for a second before removing him from you and readjusting your panties.
You saw the food and your stomach growled. You suddenly felt so hungry. You scooted forward on the sofa to get closer to the deliciousness.
“Do you want to eat?” You offered, still looking at the food containers.
Youngjae chuckled beside you and you looked over to see what was up. Youngjae looked over at you. His eyes still looked weak and he seemed a bit tired. His shiny tummy was pressed against his white shirt and his face was looking at you. You were proud of the work you’d done.
“You can’t eat in that.” Youngjae said lowly and you raised your eyebrows at him.
Was he trying for a second round?
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