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This is my double crust, double cheese tortilla pizza. 1) Take 2 tortillas. Lay one on an oven tray, add shredded cheddar cheese and play the second layer on top. 2) Tomato sauce or pizza sauce 3) sliced pepperoni 4) shredded mozzarella cheese 5) olives, red onions, broccoli (or any topping you like) 6) bake in oven for 10~12min. (180 Celsius) 7) Take out of oven and place fresh basil leaves on top. A very quick and easy meal with a fancy look! :)
@paullim so easy n delish .... thanks for this one :)
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were the basil leaves grown by youuu? :D they look so fresh!!
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@miranpark88 ^^ yes~ I bought 2 little plants and I stemmed them and grew them and now have like 6 plants growing
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Nice. Reminds me of quesadilla! Okay now I'm hungry...
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Look delicious!
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