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Instances like this seem funny since they're all still laughing, but the reality is:

Korea is notoriously bad at stage safety.

Sometimes fireworks go off as they should and idols still are shocked, but there are way too many times when they go off incorrectly.

Debris from a firework (which is still smoking) hit Chaeyeon from IOI while they were on stage.

Fireworks coming off the front of the stage were picked up by a gust of wind and blown right into EXID during a show that was televised.

The girls turned their backs to the burning fireworks and patted their hair quickly so they wouldn't catch fire, but did not leave the stage because of their commitment to the broadcast.

SS501 was literally set on fire by fireworks and Seungri and Taeyang are still afraid of fireworks after being directly hit by them on stage.

And not to mention the issues with wet stages.

Obviously Korean broadcasting agencies can't control the weather, but they could at least postpone or have a back up plan.
Granted, the entertainment companies would also have plans as far as changing choreography or costumes to make it safer for the artists...

Take this stage for example.

It is raining WAY too hard for these girls to be out there. While they are smiling and they were celebrated for their professionalism afterwards, these girls should not have been dancing on that stage in that downpour.

There are also instances of the stages legitimately breaking.

This example is at Music Bank in 2009 when part of the stage fell, nearly crushing the artists and part of the audience. Onew was so shocked that he fainted immediately, unable to run out of the way of the falling stage. (you can see the stage start falling at 1:10)
Luckily the stage was caught in time, but Onew had to be carried out of the studio and many of the artists were traumatized :(
I could go on and on and I don't really have any solution (seeing as international fans can't really change how Korean broadcasting works...) but I do hope that there is a change soon.

I hope that our artists stay safe and continue to love what they do.

Does anyone else remember a time that stage safety was an issue?
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@merryjayne13 I found your YouTube channel and commented cuz I was trying to figure out where I saw your name but I put Amino instead of Vingle.
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Ahh ok cool. It's the same on Amino so I can see that
a year ago
this reminds me of recently when different idols were performing in the rain. Ravi fell on his hand while dancing to Dynamite (spraining his wrist), History's Jaehyo broke his finger at the very end of Queen, G-friend (I think) kept falling, Seventeen's Hoshi fell during Pretty U, and I don't remember anymore. but this shit is serious and not cool at all.
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Obviously if you perform in the rain, or water in general, and don't get heated in time, or at least out of the sopping wet clothes, they will can pneumonia. Then they will be out of artists to perform. Like this is fucking stupid. Honestly speaking, if an artist is performing and something happens, they should stop and get to safety. But no, if they did that they are irresponsible of their job and should be kicked out or punished. Like tf, no. If you want them to keep performing without incident, then keep them safe.
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Korea needs to boss up and di better it is 2016 lol but seriously.
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what was it, show champion this past year?? where all those artists were falling and getting hurt cause the stage was so wet
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