"Oppa?" She helped me get up and looked worried, "What was that about?" "Uh... It's nothing. I forgot something and rushed, so I slipped on the snow." She hit me slightly on the arm, and giggled. "Be careful!" I hurried and went back to the house and took my meds. I wiped the sweat that was on my forehead and talked to myself. "Be strong." We were on our way to the amusement park, and had some fun jamming out to music. "Firetruck!" She started to yell out the lyrics and fangirl. I never really liked her looking at other guys and screaming about them but, what was I gonna do? It's kpop. I watched her dance and sing. Out of nowhere, I felt tears filling up to my eyes. It was probably the fact that I won't be able to see this anymore. I wiped my tears when she wasn't looking, and watched her closely. Trying to engrave this memory into my head. "C'mon oppa! Sing with me!" I sang and sang and sang. "Oppa!! You should've been a singer! I would've fangirled you soooo hard!" I laughed and ruffled her hair. We finally arrived. I let out a deep breath. I mean, 5 months was a short time and i wanted to do everything we can.. But 10 roller coasters in one day? I was probably going to puke. Y/n grabbed my hand and she pulled me into the lines for the roller coasters. "Oppa!! We don't even have to wait in line!" I got on, with a worried face. "It's going to be fine. It'll be over in like a snap!" Yep.. It was going to be over. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" She started to laugh loudly, and watch me scream my face off. When we got off, she fell from laughter. "Oppa!!!!!! How do you scream with out breathing! OMG, your face was like, " And she started to copy my stupid face. why did this have to happen "Let's go. I think I had enough." "Come on!! We only rode one." I looked at her face like I was mad, but I grinned letting her know that I was just joking. She hurried and took me to the next ride, trying to pursue our goal. After riding the other nine rides, We sat down in a little café by the gift shop. Our hair was a mess, our face was a mess, and of course, our mental was a mess "Oppa.. We finished our goal...." "Yeah... Let's go home..." "Sure.. Sure..." We were absolutely exhausted. But still, we laughed as we recalled our hilarious faces and screams. A little later, I felt her head knock down on the seat. She fell asleep. Y/n looked like a little baby as she breathed her exhaustion, twitched her eyes, and made her dimples show. I smiled as I cleared her face from her hair. "Cutie" I drove, quietly listening to humming music. "내 안에 갇혀서 죽어있어" -Save me. That's what I wanted someone to do for me. Save me. Why can't someone save me and let me live my life. Why can't they let me see y/n forever, Why can't they let me love her. My life was in the way of being able to be next to y/n. My fucking life. We arrived, but I didn't want her to wake up yet. So I let her be. I let my hand touch her soft face, and put her hair behind her ear. She was too precious. Too precious to leave. "I love you" And I kissed her. Too precious.
Oh that was so sad 😢